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Brighid Vision Quest with Griffin and Carrie

February 21 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


For our February Vision Quest, we are in for a treat. An encounter with Brigid is what we need to reclaim some wisdom for this upcoming crazy year! Brigid is one of the multifaceted great Goddesses of the British Isles. Known as Brigid, Brigit, Brig and a few other regional spellings. She is also known in other areas as Brigantia, who is also associated with the Roman Minerva and the Greek Athena.

Like Athena, Brigid is primarily associated with Divine Wisdom and it’s many applications, including child birth, the husbandry of the land, the arts of war, peace, of spirituality where she is associated with the Chalice/Grail and the Sacred Waters. She is also associated with music & other bardic arts, and for some, especially those who work with her in her Welsh form where she is known as Friad, she rules over the alchemical arts of Blacksmithing.

Wisdom, especially Divine Wisdom is the Art of Knowing through divine transmission how best to achieve anything you undertake. Intelligence has it’s limitations and perils, but Wisdom is the true path to joy & bliss in life. And Brigid is a powerhouse of Goddess who can help us achieve what we seek in the best possible manner. As a Goddess also associated with Dragons and the Draconic powers of creation, resident within the Land, Sea and Sky, she also may assist in finding the power needed to achieve our goals!

Brigid’s Holy day is February 1st, the Sabbat Festival known as Imbolc to Pagans, and Candlemas to old world Christians. This holyday has close ties to birth & cleansing renewal as well as the awakening of the draconic forces in the land as the first signs of life return to the land after the turn of the winter solstice… marking the possible shift in the seasons!

In general about these workings: These popular monthly Vision Quests serve to help awaken the Sight and Gifts in the Seeker, offering a number of opportunities to connect with and receive gnostic insight into your Fate, Path and practices, both within your mundane world as well as your Magic.

*Please Note: As attendance is limited due to space, and these workings have become so popular, we have found ourselves turning people away because the RSVP is filled to max. However, some folks did not show up on the night and people had been turned away when we could have accommodated them. So to be fair to those who want to come, we are going to have to require pre-payment in order for you to reserve your spot.

Also, please bring a salty snack to share for after the Vision Quest.
These can be powerful workings, so we recommend that you please be prepared to stay and engage in the after-Quest discussion while you ground and perhaps receive clarity on any insights you may have received.

Cost is $28.00 $3.00 discount for cash.


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