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Bastet Vision Quest with Griffin and Carrie

May 23


Presented by Griffin & Carrie
Video Launches May 23rd but will run 24/7 for several weeks!

By popular demand, we are inviting Bastet to join us for this months Vision Quest.
Yes we could all use some fun and Bastet is always a sac full of mischief and fun! She is a great predator for taking down vermin & these days with all the contention we are seeing in our world, we do seem to have a number of rats that need taking care of!

So whether you are looking for some way to indulge in some sensuality and simple pleasure of life, to break the dullness of lockdown… or… looking to see some turn around by taking down some rats. Bastet is your girl!

Called by some she of the ointment jar, she brings healing, protection and more specifically she was known as the Goddess of Protection against contagious diseases and evil spirits! That makes her the perfect Goddess for us to have an encounter with in the midst of this global pandemic!

Hopefully Bastet can not only give us some insight into what we are dealing with, and lend us some of her protection… but maybe also how to get some healing by finding the fun in our present days and nights.

In general about these workings: These popular monthly Vision Quests serve to help awaken the Sight and Gifts in the Seeker, offering a number of opportunities to connect with and receive gnostic insight into your Fate, Path and practices, both within your mundane world as well as your Magic. Vision Quests starts with a short class introduction and discussion of the pertinence of the material within our present day world.

Cost is $28.00

NOTE: This event will be available to purchase and view every day between May 23rd and June 13th. But it will show up on the website calendar every Saturday between May 23rd and June 13th so people can easily find it for purchasing!



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