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Imbolc Vision Quest with Griffin & Carrie – Live on Zoom

February 6 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Live Zoom Event Saturday Feb 6th 7.30pm
Imbolg Vision Quest with Brighid!
Presented by Griffin & Carrie

This is a live event and please attend if you can – but the event will also be recorded for those who may want to do this but have a time conflict for the event schedule.

As we continue with the Covid 19 safety measures, being unable to gather physically for our traditional magical and spiritual observances, our solution is consolidate both our popular monthly Vision Quests with our Sabbat observances into one online Zoom working! Last year we did a number of recorded workings in the attempt to create as best we could the kind of Vision Quest workings we did here at the Green Man. Responding to feedback, we are looking to change that up this year and let go of the assembled and edited video recordings and rather go for the more live in-the-moment type working approach, so that we have a better chance at all working in unison at the same time and benefiting from the energy dynamic of a group gathering. Whereas the physical workings at the store had been hampered by size limitations, there is no restriction on gathering on the astral!

So for our first live Zoom Sabbat Vision Quest of the year, we kick off with our February Vision Quest, and I hope we are in for a treat. An encounter with Brigid is what we need to birth some sanity back into our lives as we move forward from the darkness into the light!

Imbolg is an important threshold event in our upcoming wheel, and crossing it clearly while holding the proper spiritual quality is key to successfully changing the spirit tides towards wonder and fecundity and splendor. It is also key to our yearly maintenance of that inner flame of Witchdom from whence comes our Magic. The awakening of Light that feeds and supports our magic, spirit and soul is not a threshold event we can miss or phone in. It requires our engagement for it to work, and so we will do all we can to change this world to one that holds all the potential we seek in the light of our pagan spirits!

Brigid’s Holy day is February 1st, the Sabbat Festival known as Imbolc to Pagans, and Candlemas to old world Christians. This holy day has close ties to birth & cleansing renewal as well as the awakening of the draconic forces in the land as the first signs of life return to the land after the turn of the winter solstice–marking the potency within the shift of the seasons!

Brigid is one of the multifaceted great Goddesses of the British Isles. She is known as Brigid, Brigit, Brig and a few other regional spellings. She is also known in other areas as Brigantia, who is also associated with the Roman Minerva and the Greek Athena.

Like Athena, Brigid is primarily associated with Divine Wisdom and its many applications, including childbirth, the husbandry of the land, the arts of war, peace, and spirituality where she is associated with the Chalice/Grail and the Sacred Waters. She is also associated with music & other bardic arts, and for some, especially those who work with her in her Welsh form where she is known as Fraidd, she rules over the alchemical arts of Blacksmithing.

Wisdom, especially Divine Wisdom, is the Art of Knowing through divine transmission how best to achieve anything you undertake. Intelligence has its limitations and perils, but Wisdom is the true path to joy & bliss in life. And Brigid is a powerhouse Goddess who can help us achieve what we seek in the best possible manner. As a Goddess also associated with Dragons and the Draconic powers of creation resident within the Land, Sea and Sky, she also may assist in finding the power needed to achieve our goals!

In general about these workings: These popular monthly Vision Quests serve to help awaken the Sight and Gifts in the Seeker, offering a number of opportunities to connect with and receive gnostic insight into your Fate, Path and practices, both within your mundane world as well as your Magic.

*Please Note: as we are now doing these on line for you to participate in your own locations, no one is preparing your ritual space, so please prepare yourselves and your space for such a sacred working. Remove possible distractions and set the space to where you feel you can do such work. These workings can be powerful and it is recommended you take some time to prepare a space to experience the work in, as well as some salty snack to ground with after the event.

Once you have paid for the Vision Quest and given your email address, you will be on the list to receive a Zoom link for the Vision Quest on the evening of the working. Please make sure to check spam folders. Tickets are available via our website https://thegreenmanstore.com/events/ or via phone to the store, 818 985 2010.

A discussion space will be made available for people to discuss and share their experiences with each other, on the Green Man Community Mighty Network. Membership to this online community is free and is available via the link on the Green Man Website.

Cost for the Vision Quest is $28.00



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