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Herbal Workshop with Julie James

February 18, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

raised fists banner for the Herbal workshop

Fighting Fascists can really take it out of you. Standing up, protesting, connecting with your community, making phone calls and emails, marching–all of this, of course, is incredibly exhausting. But these days, the act of listening to the news, or checking Facebook, can also be downright soul-crushing. Just being alive, just living in these times, can be too much for anyone to take.

Self care is imperative, more now than ever. If we are to stand against injustice, we need to be nourished and deeply supported. We need to protect ourselves and we need to give ourselves down time to heal and reconnect.

Plant medicines can be our best friends right now. Plants can soothe our frazzled nerves, build our spirit, quiet our anxiety, and lift and open our hearts. They can remind us of what we need and how to ask for, and receive it.

In this class, we will meet many of my favorite Plants For The Resistance: our herbal allies in the struggle, the green ones who have our backs and build us up. Come meet them and taste them, and we will make an herbal elixir for all to take home, along with additional notes on how to care for ourselves and others–which is our number one job for the near future: supporting and sustaining each other, and that work begins with learning how to replenish and refill our own well.

Class cost is $23, with a $3 discount for cash payment. Please pay at The Green Man.


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