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Pre-Recorded Samhain with the Ced Tradition

October 31, 2020 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


The Green Man proudly presents

Our Annual All Hallows Samhain Rite


Centered by Carrie & Griffin of the Ced Tradition

Saturday October 31st, 2020  Video Launches 7:00 pm


Yes, our notorious annual Samhain Rite will be presented online this year due to Covid circumstances, and we care about the health of our Community and have no desire to put you guys in jeopardy!

We are really gonna miss getting together with you all for this working.  It is one of the true high spots in our year and for us a very sacred service we feel the need to do each year.

And this year with all the loss and pain we as a people have experienced, we really feel the need to do our old witchery Samhain Service!

As in previous years, this is not a Halloween celebration gathering, but rather a real old Hallows Eve working, a real Old World Traditional Witchcraft working for the dead.

We do work for the passing of loved ones but also, we call upon the Wild Hunt, calling in the lost souls and aiding them across the Veil. This working gets intense with power and high energy. Be prepared for such participation and prepare a dish for dumb supper feast for after the work.

We wanted to offer as much participation in this year as we could, given this is a working that many need to join in with. And so we have come up with the idea of having you send in email pics of those you would like us to place on the Samhain Altar, as well as names to be read during the ritual part of the working.  We will also write their names on markers placed into the Altar, so as to aid us in gathering all our loved together with us for this event. As witches we will work to birth a powerful spirit of Samhain from our working, to open up a portal to cover the whole Season!  So even though this will be presented in a video format, it should be possible for you to join us through the spirit astral to join us in this work; the Spiritual Astral realms lie outside of lineal time, and we make full use of this to gather when working remotely.

In addition to the physical working this year, we will be adding a Vision Quest element, as we have found that this approach best assists us in making a tangible remote access to our brothers and sister of the Old Arte!

As with our yearly gathering, this is not designed to entertain; rather this is a real working gathering that we invite you to.  Which means it is for you to reach beyond the technology and immerse yourself into the spirit of the work and aid us in our Service to the Dead, Ancestors, and dear beloved ones we may have recently lost.

This working will incorporate many different elements, from a deep orientation before the work starts, to a sacred honouring of loved ones, those who have crossed this year who leave an impact on us all, and of course our ancestors.  Please take the time to prepare yourselves ahead of the work to shift your energetic space within yourself and the space around you. Investing time in preparing oneself can make all the difference to experience of workings such as this.

So for the practical elements of this work: if you wish to have pictures of loved ones who have passed placed upon the Altar, please send us those via email with their names and we will print up the pictures and place them for you.  These pictures must be ONLY of those that have passed.  Do not include anyone living in the pictures!  These will be burned in our sacred cauldron after the work, to aid in the release of the work.  These pictures have to be sent to us before Oct 23rd.  We will not be able to add any pictures after that cut off date.  Names however can be added to the working right up until sunset of Oct 30th.  The email address to use is: info@thegreenmanstore.com

To those who have purchased access to this work, you will be invited to a closed area for Samhain on our Green Man Mighty Network Site.  There you can also network with others and perhaps share the spirit of the season and your experiences of the work with others of our community!

As with all our Vision Quest workings, the Event Tickets are $28 and can be purchased here:

Samhain Ritual & Vision Quest VIDEO with Griffin & Carrie





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