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Dark Moon ritual with the Ced Tradition

July 21 @ 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Please join us for our…

Threads of the Web, Dark Moon Ritual!

Friday, July 21st

Presented by the Ced Tradition.


In the Dark Moon we gather to work the threads of Fate, the knots and snares that have entrapped us in the dark moods and cycles of our conflicted world. Dame Fate, she dishes out the consequences of our choices, our actions and sometimes our inactions.


These can be the trials of life that lead us to growth and final liberation. As in the great mill we dance to the music of double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!   But as loose ourselves in the dance, adjusting our steps down the nooks and crooks of the darkly lit path, we may wander into a labyrinth of threads spun by the Ladies Wheel, ever turning upon it’s own path, over and over and over again…


Hey sometimes we can all feel like a mouse on a wheel, running like mad and getting nowhere! Knee jerking at shadows cast by others who themselves are knee jerking at windmills! Yes we may be fish caught on a line cast by the Dame herself… but who may be yanking on that line is not always so evident.


For those who know what we’re talking about here, two things are needed to get off this merry go round. Insightful Illumination is the key to finding the right tool to break the threads of this spiders web and the means to free oneself! No wave of a magic wand, One Solution Fits All, here! No, for real results it requires each person find their own right solution for themselves. And that means a real witches dark moon working.


Lucky for us we have an amazing community of awesome witches, some seasoned old and experienced practitioners, some fresh, vital and new seekers to the path of the Old Arte! Here at the Green Man I stand perpetually amazed at the level of workings this community undertakes and accomplishes. This one looks to be a real interesting working, passed to us through direct transmission via multiple channels!


Yes this notice comes out a bit late… But perhaps that too is part of the plan…. Those who need to be there will find out in time and make it.


Also, please bring a dish to share for the potluck social gathering after the ritual. Out of respect to us, please abide by the Law: people need to be over 21 to drink.  Adults who are over 21 are asked to please be adult in their drinking approach and drink responsibly so we all get to have some fun.

We gather at 7:30pm for an 8pm Rite!

$10 Donation requested.


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