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Election Signals Sacred Feminine Ideals are Still on the Rise by Rev. Karen Tate

*Please note each Blog is the unique expression of the Blogger and does not speak for The Green Man as an entity…but rather is one of the many diverse colours that make up our Green Man Tribe.

It was touch and go there for awhile, especially after the first debate, when Romney fooled people by shaking his Etch-A-Sketch, then picked up some momentum. Or so it seemed. My stomach was in knots with his bump in the polls. I kept hanging on to Nate Silver’s predictions Obama would win the necessary electoral college votes and Rachel Maddow’s nightly reports that President Obama was leading in the swing state polls, where it counted most. But we heard Mercury was going into retrograde and we might not know the outcome of the election for weeks. I was preparing myself for more voter suppression, dirty tricks and another Supreme Court appointment – another steal by the Republicans. But then we got a few good debates under our belt. Some even said Mother Nature Herself stepped in, in the guise of Hurricane Sandy, to show Americans we need each other, we are a collective, and government can work. Some of the most cynical Republicans saw that first-hand and were only too eager to reach out to the government services they’re sometimes so quick to want to de-fund or abolish.

The weeks and months leading up to November 6th felt endless, certainly like a nail-biter.  Then, Election Day was here and it was over so quick! Ohio voters put President Obama over the top, and Republicans are still reeling from their rejection by American voters.   But that’s already the past now. What a difference a day makes!

Several days later we are filled with hope right can defeat might, that the light prevails over darkness, that Sacred Feminine ideals are still what the majority of people want. Yes, Mr. O’Reilly, we “want stuff” !! We want our educational system funded.  Investments in infrastructure and job creation. To keep the EPA so we have clean air and water.  We want assurances we aren’t going to go bankrupt because we get sick or can’t get medical coverage because of pre-existing conditions.  Obamacare morphing into a single payer system, or Medicare for all would be perfect, thank you.   We want a social safety net that guarantees we can retire in dignity and security. We want equality for women and human rights for gay people. We want immigrants to get a fair shake. We want peace and our liberties stolen under the Bush Administration restored.   We want fairness in the tax system and corporations to pay a tax penalty for out-sourcing jobs.  We want corporations to pay their fair share of taxes – the 1% too, and maybe even a bit more, because they’re the ones that can afford it.  Imagine if all the money wasted by the billionaires to buy our democracy had been put toward job creation and helping people out of poverty or aided our crumbling infrastructure?  Yes, we want stuff, like peace instead of war and our tax dollars spent on Americans and not the military industrial complex and corporate welfare for oil companies.  We want more regulation of out-of-control corporations that care about nothing but short-term profits and their bottom line.

And there’s “stuff we don’t want” too.  Student loans the size of home mortgages. And no, we aren’t fooled anymore with phoney promises of trickle-down economics. It works for no one but the rich who aren’t trickling anything down. We don’t want income disparity in this country or one religion with the power to legislate their beliefs upon us all. We don’t want any of the stuff the Republicans were pedaling; vaginal probes in women’s wombs, the de-funding of Planned Parenthood, and the destruction of Obamacare and Roe v. Wade. Neither do we want a war with Iran or more tax cuts for the 1% or your Ayn Rand, survival of the fittest ideas because the playing field out there is not fair or balanced. We don’t want a government so small it can be drowned in the bath tub because that’s a government that does nothing but fight wars and give corporations and billionaires all the breaks. We don’t want political leaders hell-bent on perpetuating racism, homophobia, sexism, environmental destruction, lies and fear, or denying science and inconvenient facts.

Yes, we do want to re-shape the patriarchal world because it’s leading us to the brink of destruction. We want to complement the ideals of the authoritarian Father with ideals of the Mother; partnership, negotiation, fairness, nurturing, caring, compassion, wisdom, freedom, justice, equality, peace, truth, empowerment of women, diversity, tolerance and getting back to what Nature teaches us – that things grow not from the top down, but from the bottom up. That’s a world with the Sacred Feminine, deity, archetype and ideal, restored at the center. A world dedicated to the moral imperative of our time; the empowerment and equality of women.


*Please note each Blog is the unique expression of the Blogger and does not speak for The Green Man as an entity…but rather is one of the many diverse colours that make up our Green Man Tribe.

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