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Ask A Witch: Divination Tool Basics

Divination Tool Basics

Do I need to cleanse them before I use them?

How do I pick the right medium?

For this blog, I want to cover a subject that has many layers to it. Divination is a powerful tool used by witches and psychics alike. They have been a part of antiquity for as long as there have been people walking on the Earth. Most are familiar with basic divination tool types such as tarot, runes, pendulum, oracle cards just to name a few. As familiar as we are, there are still many questions that get asked and no, I’m not talking about whether your boyfriend really loves you or not. So I’m just going to dive right in and start answering some of these questions.

How do I pick the right medium?

The most overwhelming part with starting on your divinatory journey is deciding which tool or tools is going to work the best for you. Most are familiar with the basic tools such as tarot, runes, pendulum, oracle cards just to name a few. Each of these are powerful tools to use and it really truly comes down to which speaks to you the most clearly. Keep in mind that just because you decide to try out one form of divination that you are stuck with it. You can always change your mind and switch things around. I personally use several forms of divination in my practice and I use them based on my feeling. Some days my tarot deck is super talkative and clear other times my runes are “Chatty Cathy”.

With tarot I always suggest to my clients that they look at the artwork and pick one that speaks to them the most clearly. Most decks follow a basic system and the artist creating the deck may add their own personal interpretation of the card. There is no such thing as the right deck or the wrong deck; each contains the necessary components it’s simply about finding the one that speaks to you. If the images are not appealing to you then you won’t be able to allow the cards to communicate clearly. The same goes for oracle decks, they don’t necessarily follow a system, but they do have unique artwork and wording so if it doesn’t make sense to you, then it will be difficult to read clearly. 

Most other divinatory tools are a lot more simple in terms of presentation. Runes for example are an alphabet system so the overall design isn’t going to stray amongst different artists. Same goes for a pendulum, the basic function is the same regardless of what material it is made from. Depending on your personal tastes, you may gravitate to one style more than another and that’s totally fine. Some people ask me if the type of material the runes or pendulum is carved from will affect how it works. In my opinion the material only slightly affects the tools, but more so in terms of enhancing or lending a certain flavor to the tool. I don’t feel there is one better material over another. Some may have a different opinion, but for me as I have used them in many different forms and I get the same results. 

Cleansing your tools before and after use:

Now that you have selected your method of divination, the next step is to cleanse your tool. I personally do not feel that tarot cards needs to be cleansed very much before the first use. Most tarot decks that are sold come in a sealed box and are wrapped in plastic. This keeps the cards in good physical condition as well as keep them from being handling by people prior to purchasing thus not allowing another persons energy to attach themselves onto the cards. If you feel the cards need to be cleansed then I suggest burning some light incense such as lavender, clear copal, cedar, or sweetgrass. You could also use any other incense you feel drawn to, but those are my suggestions. I do however suggest against using sage to clear a tarot deck or any other divinatory tool. Sage is a powerful cleanser that wipes all the energy from a space or object. As the tool being used is a gateway for mediation, there is no need to wipe all the energy out of the cards. You want to keep the energy of divination and fate within the cards. If you wish to use incense to clear the cards I suggest laying out the cards on a table face down or up and simply burning incense and using your hand or a feather to gently fan the smoke onto the cards. 

If you work with crystals, they can also be very handy in clearing or charging your tools for use. My favorite is amethyst, but some people use selenite, lapis lazuli, or moonstone to name a few. All these stones are great for not only clearing the energy of the tools, but also for charging them with positive energy that also enhances their divinatory potential. Simply place the stone or crystal on top of your cards, or in the bag that contains your pendulum or rune set and allow it to sit with them for a period; overnight is usually sufficient, but you can also leave it longer based on what you feel. Remember that tools are unique and you may find one set of cards may prefer one method over another. There is no hard and fast rule with these things.

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