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6 Crystals That Could Help You Through The Holidays by Jill

crystals for the crystals workshopThe holidays are full of fun, right?  Also full of things to do, places to go, people to see, and let’s face it: a bit of stress.  Here are just a few crystals you might want to have with you to help deal with various facets of the holidays:

1. BROWN TOURMALINE: Excellent grounding and Earth energies. Clears the aura. Helps you feel comfortable in groups; can help heal dysfunctions in families while strengthening empathy and practicality.
All of those sound pretty useful for dealing with the stress of holiday prep, parties, and family! Others in that “perseverance and anti-stress” vein: Chrysocolla, Aragonite, Stromatolite.

2. EMERALD: “The Stone of Successful Love.” Domestic harmony. Loyalty, sensitivity. Also aids memory and in legal matters.
Again, harmony in the family. And the memory part could be helpful: did this horrible chotchke I just regifted to Aunt Agnes actually come from…Aunt Agnes??? Also good for memory/figuring things out: Hematite, Prehnite, Rutilated Quartz.

3. MORGANITE: Divine love, compassion, patience. Opens the heart to universal love and angelic energies. Promotes self-confidence due to the knowledge that you are bathed in divine love.
That sounds very holiday-esque to me! See also Kunzite and Rose Quartz.

4. FLUORITE: Stabilizes, sharpens focus, helps with impartial, objective reasoning, concentration, decisions.
Objectivity, concentration, focus–these could help you through the hell of holiday tasks and shopping. As a bookkeeper, I always put one near me when dealing with the stressful year-end work (which starts in November and goes until April 14 for me!). See also Hematite (for grounding and clarity of thought) and Selenite (clear seeing).

5. CARNELIAN: Protects against envy, fear, rage. Banishes sorrow. Helps with analysis & precision. Awakens inherent talents.
Carnelian brings in yummy solar energy to motivate you and bring joy. Good for the post-holiday doldrums! Others in the “give you a kick in the pants” category: Red Tigereye, Golden Tigereye, Red Calcite.

6. AMETHYST: Spirituality & contentment. Raises lower energies to a higher vibrational level. Great for meditation. Protective. Helpful for breaking addictions.
And the best part about Amethyst for the holidays: Amethyst is also said to help prevent drunkenness. I always put one in my pocket when I’m heading for a party!

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