Spirit of The Green Man Store

“Great oaks from little acorns grow”

Old English proverb

Amidst the sprawling concrete suburbia of North Hollywood, the Green Man Spirit flourishes.

It has long been the dream of many to see another community gathering-place raised in NoHo.  So after many years of dreaming, Jill, Joe, and Carrie – aka the White Wolf Clan – stepped forward and seeded a magical acorn in the hopes that a Mighty Spiritual Oak may grow, and that the spiritual community may find hearth, home, and haven beneath the Green Man’s leafy canopy. The time was so ripe, and the Green Man Spirit was so ready for its birth into the manifest world, that a great many things just readily fell into place. White Wolf Clan felt guided and nudged in all the right directions, and the perfect space was found and leased within a matter of days. The manifestation of this dream was so intense and rapid, taking on such a life force of its own, that the need for another team member became quickly apparent. Griffin was brought on board, and sharing years of experience and knowledge of Craft, he became an integral part of The Green Man’s continued growth and evolution.

The result and response have been amazing. The community, which immediately gathered like a phoenix rising from the ashes, has supported and nourished our tree and now a whole magical forest is fast taking root about us!  The tree mural on our wall, lovingly painted by Carrie’s mother, is a tangible marker of the life and spirit that grows here amongst us all.

Here at The Green Man we offer a hearth where all people from all streams and paths of all the old ways may gather.

Here diversity is our strength.

Here we can share our uniqueness with each other and help each other evolve spiritually.

The Green Man offers the spiritual community a hearth and safe haven, insightful, quality classes…community rituals for Moons, Sabbats and other special events…quality products including the craftsman works of some of our community artisans…as well as magical and spiritual services tailor-made to the needs of our distinctive community members.

Most importantly, however, we want to see the magical spirit of our Green Man forest grow with love, widening all our horizons, adding more colors of life, joy, and pleasure to our evolving cosmos. Together — breaking down the walls of ignorance, intolerance, and fundamentalism.

By the magical power of Love, Light, and Laughter…each one of us, each little acorn, can make a difference…for “Great Oaks from little Acorns Grow.”  May we merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again!