Well of Song with Sharon Knight

  $28; $3 discount for cash   The Well of Song is an improvisational song circle facilitated by internationally touring musician Sharon Knight. Envisioned as a place from whence all music flows, we will dip into the Well and sing what comes. Sharon will ... Read More >

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Fool

  Let us take a look at The Fool. Considered the luckiest card in the deck, The Fool is number 0 in the major arcana and first of the deck. The image of this card shows us a young man with a small sack of belonging over his shoulder and a small dog, thought to be his ... Read More >

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Tower Tarot by Vanina

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Tower Tarot by Vanina by Vanina A very powerful card to look at, one that predicts change in every single way. Most likely the change that you are resisting is the change that the Tower will bring: not a change so you will remain in despair or sadness, ... Read More >

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Devil Tarot

The Devil tarot tends to scare folks. Like “Death”, the card usually provokes an immediate, negative reaction. But, is that totally fair? Is the “Devil’s” appearance in a reading really a harbinger of evil and mayhem? Not necessarily. Alone, the card most often represents ... Read More >

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