Mercury Retrograde class with Shana

  $23; $3 discount for cash. There is also a $5 cash only materials fee. Mercury Retrograde is upon us once again! Before you head for the hills and try to hide under a rock until the communication and technical mishaps pass, come sit a spell with Shana and learn the ... Read More >

Crystals For a Purpose workshop with Jill

$23; $3 discount for cash. What purpose, you ask?  Good question!  This class will start by discussing (and experiencing) some of the most popular crystals and their properties.  Then we’ll move on to talking about and creating mojo bags for specific ... Read More >

Scrying & Divination series with Monica

6 week series with Monica Wed Mar 30-May 11 7:30-9:30pm $23; $3 discount for cash per class or $93 for entire series if paid by first class. (there is a one week break, the week of Apr 27th that the class will not be held) Scrying: be it entrails, fire, water, air, or ... Read More >

Faery Candle Magic with Elysia, The Naughty Faery

$23; $3 discount for cash. You may have seen the posts of various candles that Elysia has done over the years for others here at the store. Each person behind the counter has their own unique approach to creating magic for each individual who needs a candle, and Elysia is no ... Read More >

The En-egg-magic Arte with Griffin

The en-egg-magic arte! A Class on Egg Magic. The Egg is one of the most versatile of common objects used in magic!  From cleansing to warding, from love magic to money magic, with blessings and cursings and Hares, oh my!   The ways in which Eggs can be used in Magic is ... Read More >

Candle Magick workshop with Monica

Candle Magic workshop (2 classes) with Monica Sun Feb 21, 2016 2-4pm $23; $3 discount for cash. Sun Feb 28, 2016 2-4pm $23; $3 discount for cash. We will explore methods and ethics of candle working, including best times and days, planetary influences, sigils, bind ... Read More >

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