• Caduceus

    Caduceus has been practicing in the Reclaiming tradition for years. Through co-created, ecstatic ritual and deep trance work he seeks to mediate the gaps between what was and what could be. Guided by deities ranging from Iberia to Sumeria, including Hermes, Caduceus uses magic and deed to rebuild that ancient, amorphous community, the tribe — for in the tribe, we can all reclaim our birthright while being whole with ourselves and our world.

  • Carrie Wolf

    Carrie Wolf Ced is the current Witch Mother and Dame of the Ced Tradition. She is also one of the owners of The Green Man Store. A self-described “recovering catholic”, Wolf was born with the Sight which runs in her family lines. Her desire to hone that ancestral gift led her to seek personalized training, which eventually led her to the study of witchcraft. In pursuit of that study, she found her way to the Ced Tradition, learning from Griffin Ced and Rita Morgan Ced and honing her craft. She was initiated into their EarthHaven coven in 2009, and was initiated into the Ced Clan in 2015. The mantle of Witch Mother and Dame of Ced was passed to her directly from Rita a few months before Rita’s death in 2019.

    In 2010, she and her family members Jill & Joe Weiss opened The Green Man Store with the desire to build a pagan community, and brought Griffin Ced in as Manager. There she makes incense & oil blends, and crafts custom spell candles & mojo bags for customers and coveners alike. She is often found working with Griffin on classes, workshops, special events, and rituals for the pagan community, which has grown and flourished at the store.

    Outside of coven and store, Wolf is an animal lover and an accomplished Horsewoman. Horses, dogs, and cats all share in her life. A wolf lover for obvious reasons, she is a patron of Wolf Mountain Sanctuary for rescued wolves. Wolf is an avid reader and loves the works of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. She has a wry humor, a quick wit, and a sharp tongue that is almost always planted firmly in cheek.

  • Ced Tradition

    The family of Ced works the old arte of witchery and magic in the service of our people, spirits, and Gods.  We are bound and committed to each other as a spiritual family, recognizing familiar traits, legacy memories, and future goals and interests that reside within the magical unified identity of our Clan Mother Ced. We are more akin to the concept of a Tribe of Spiritual Travelers, who work their ways as an Arte.  We share a common sense of cosmology, and commune with spirits by the gifts of Sight and such. We treasure our diversity and build upon natural conducive commonalities, rather than any requirement of adherence to a specific faith or liturgy.  Together we work a vibrant and living Witch Stream of Spirit, in which we are a vital present element.  The Egregore persona of that Stream may be identified as our Mother Ced, who brings in her embrace the Ancestral Spirits of our extended family from across the veil. Through decades of Gnostic mediation from this Stream, we presently hold a vast living Legacy of material and insights that constitute what may be called the Ced Tradition.  Basic practices, knowledge, insights, and approaches that are familiar and natural to those who find us as family, guided to our doors by the old ones, are both the fruit of our legacy and the earmark of our identity.  We know a Ced Witch by the Sight of ‘em!

    Surrounding our stream is an ever-growing tribe of people, who find a natural connection to our ways and approaches as they have been made available to the public. This approach to Traditional Witchcraft has been coined Heretical Witchcraft, so as to not confuse the style and approach to the old ways, as held by Ced Family Members, with those who work the craft in a similar manner but who are not officially part of the Family proper. We view those of a kindred leaning, as kith.

    The Ced Family works upon a basic premise of Virtue found within the nature of all its family members, though we are also of a Clan hierarchal structure lead by a central body of Elders. Within this central body, there are also three key figures: the Devil, who is the WitchFather and Magister of the Family and Coven, he who dances in the Light; the Man in Black, who like Cerberus dwells in the shadows on the perimeter; and the Dame, who is the Mistress of Fate, WitchMother and Mistress of the Family and Coven.

    At this time, the Magister and WitchFather of Ced is Griffin Ced.  The Mistress and Dame of Ced is Rita Morgan Ced.  And the Man in Black is the Hound in the Shadows, who prefers to keep his identity hidden at this time.  The former Man in Black was Roy Moorman Ced, our Brother who crossed over into service on the other side in 2010.

    The History of Ced goes back over two decades in the USA, with a coven based in Salt Lake City.  EarthHaven Coven is presently the oldest surviving coven in Utah, to the best of our knowledge. Griffin Ced was initiated in 1975 back in Essex, UK where he received the Ced Legacy through appropriate transmission from Elders of the Stream.

    After more than 40 years of working the stream, the Ced line today holds a great many talented Crafters and Spirit Workers who are bringing their many gifts to the larger Witchcraft Community in multiple states in the US. Griffin is in the process of producing many publicly available classes and materials, as are also others from within the Ced Family. Earlier in 2015, Griffin Ced made available a new Tarot deck based upon the Compass and Cosmology of Ced, intersecting with the Legacy insights of Traditional Tarot. This meeting of two streams was an exciting exchange of spirit perspectives and insights that has reawakened a vibrant living spirit Egregore of Ced within the Tarot deck itself. The coloured version of this deck and book is expected in the second half of 2016.

    The goal of the family is to promote exchange and support within our beautifully diverse pagan community of Witches. We are actively engaged in supporting the future evolution of our people and the many tribes that make up our Community!

    The quality of life we share as a family and the manner in which we may further enrich the journey into the esoteric realms for each other is the key to our purpose. We of Ced live to further the realms of reality on both sides of the hedge, and then to pass the Legacy we have been entrusted with onwards to our future family members. Our future resides in the river of ancestors behind and before us, and in the power of Love, with which we navigate the treasure we collectively hold.

  • Green Man Grove

    The Green Man Grove is a working group of people who have taken a Trad Craft 201 class with Griffin Ced at The Green Man store. Our objective is to create, center, and participate in rituals together regularly.

  • Griffin Ced

    Griffin Ced is the Virtue holder and Witch Father for the Ced Tradition and family line. Together with Rita Morgan, the Dame and Mother of the Line, they have lead the Line and Tradition in the USA for the past 20 years. Hailing from Britain, Griffin comes from a mix of Hertfordshire Village folk, Romany Gypsy, Essex and London breeding. The Witchblood was passed onto him across the veil from his Great-Grandmother, who having decided it was time to move on, drowned herself in a bucket a year before his birth. He was raised with Spiritualism and good old fashioned British Craft, into which he was initiated in Essex back in 1975. Escaping the soggy isles for the snowy climbs of Norway, a quick tour of Africa and many other strange lands, he finally fell in love with California, making LA his home for the past 24 years! Griffin has been teaching and leading public rituals for the past two decades and is committed to Community-building today at The Green Man store in North Hollywood. Griffin is the Manager of The Green Man, helping to create the magical experience people have come to love with the store. At the Green Man, in addition to Pagan Products, Griffin and his associates offer public rituals and many diverse craft-related classes on a weekly basis.

  • Hovik

    Hovik has been communicating with spirits since the age of twelve when they made their presence known to him, literally conversing with him about his magical path and pushing him forward. He’s been practicing magic in the traditional sense for sixteen years, last six of them as an active pillar of the Green Man Store.

    At the Green Man Hovik dresses magical candles, put together mojo bags, makes spell kits, teaches classes, and writes a regularly published magical blog. He also offers his clients psychic clairvoyant readings and mediumship. He’s highly skilled in using tarot cards, bone throwing, playing cards, runes, coffee grounds, trance readings, as well as ancestral communication and healing. Hovik also offers his services connecting customers with spirit guides, guardians, animal totems, and ancestors. Everyone has spirits in their lives, but most don’t know that they are there. Let Hovik use his gifts to connect you to yours.

    Magically, he has worked closely with Elders from a multitude of traditions including Wicca, Faery, Native Shamanism, and British Traditional Witchcraft. They have helped Hovik grow and deepen his ability and knowledge to help others. As a psychic clairvoyant and medium he can use whatever tools necessary to give his clients the most unique and accurate results. He most often uses his unique abilities to give insight into questions relating to love, money, career, and life direction. As a medium he is often used to be the bridge between this world and the next, connecting those present with loved ones on the other side.

    Latest Videos:

    [arve url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSE5akh6Jik"]

    [arve url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PauUeIojizk"]

    [arve url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBc8lNmwslg"]

    [arve url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ4oq2XZ5y0"]

    [arve url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvIvx2WpAeM"]

    [youtube id="aWOp-3tq8dM" align="center" mode="normal" autoplay="no"]

  • Jayson Rivest

    Jayson Rivest is a natural empath and intuitive who combines his more than 20 years in the Craft with his 15+ years as a Reiki Master/Teacher to assist his clients in restoring the balance necessary for optimal health. You will be put at ease by his gentle and compassionate nature and by his ability to present foreign concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

    Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It involves the ‘laying on of hands’ and is based on the idea that free flowing life force energy (known as Ki) is necessary for our body/mind/spirit to achieve and maintain optimal health. Reiki is well suited for a wide range of concerns from stress and tension to pain management and healing emotional trauma to name just a few. It works on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.


    • Reiki I/II attunement from Jessica Miller of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) [February 2000]
    • Reiki I/II attunement from Suzy Peltier [June 2000]
    • Advanced Reiki Training & Reiki Master/Teacher attunement from Jessica Miller (ICRT) [June 2001]
    • Karuna Reiki® Master attunement from William Rand founder of ICRT and Karuna Reiki® [June 2002 inside Stonehenge]
    • 3rd Degree Priest of the Rainbow Warrior Tradition of Witchcraft [in which he is also one of the three founding elders] – http://www.therainbowwarriors.org

    Jayson is also training as a Master Aromatherapist and plans to offer aromatherapy consultations in the future. Interested in aromatherapy in the meantime? You can watch some educational videos that Jayson created on his website, Phoenix Flame & Brigit’s Well. There’s no better way to incorporate what you learn than by making your own custom blends using the fine oils available at The Green Man store.


  • Jerel Ondoy

    Jerel is a shamanic practitioner who has studied in the Peruvian tradition known as Q’ero. He uses his skills and knowledge while working at The Green Man Store to aid the community with clearing heavy energies, find their path, and teach classes to enrich the community in the shamanic tradition. Within his system and cosmology, Jerel works mainly with rocks and crystals to clear energy and attract the specific energy someone is seeking such as money, new love, or protection. Working behind the counter, he also uses his skills to dress custom spell candles, mojo bags, and custom wire wraps for crystals. Jerel also hosts rituals here at The Green Man bringing his Peruvian shamanic training to help people connect with spirit and make magic.


  • Jill Weiss

    Jill is an owner of The Green Man Store, and a Clan member of the Ced Tradition.  At The Green Man, Jill is the Chief Thread Spinner, Keeper of the Kingdom, Denizen of the Rose Castle, Tazmanian Devil, Stone & Crystal Maven, Awesome Jewelry Procurer, and Magical Concierge.  A daughter of Dame Fate, Jill can often be found spinning ritual energies into thread on her spinning wheel.

    Jill’s blogs:

    Working With Stones/Crystals

    Stones for Stress

    Got a Black Magic Woman (with kudos to Santana)

    Sage Advice

    Six Crystals That Could Help You Through The Holidays

    Selenite Healing and Metaphysical Properties

    Cleansing and Clearing Your Crystals

    Are (Herkimer) Diamonds Really A Girl’s Best Friend?

    How do I choose a reader?  And then what happens?

    February birthstone: Amethyst

    March birthstones: Aquamarine (traditional) and Bloodstone (modern)

    April birthstone: Diamond

    May birthstone: Emerald

    June birthstones: Pearl, Alexandite, Moonstone

    July birthstone: Ruby







  • Dr. Joe Futerman

    Joe is a father, a college professor, and a writer. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in the work of Carl Jung, and is a licensed psychotherapist with a practice in the Pasadena area. He is also a certified hypnotist, NLP practitioner and Reiki level 2. Last but not least, Joe is a magickian who has explored and practiced the path of magick for 35 years.

    Joe began his studies as a solitary practitioner of Ceremonial Magick. He eventually became a member of three different Golden Dawn Orders, completing his work in the outer order in 2003. Since then, he has continued to study and teach on a broad range of magickal topics and has been a founding member of four magickal/pagan groups: the Kaotic Order of Adventurers Seekers and Sorcerers, The Fellowship of the Gods, The Magus Project, and The Association of Pagan Therapists. He has also studied Qabbalah, Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Thelema, Enochian, Obeah, and Chaos Magic. He will be opening a website of courses on 21st century Kabbalah sometime in October just before the end of the world because — well, when else would a Chaos Magician do something like that?

  • Joe Weiss

    Joe discovered energy healing intuitively, when he decided to work on himself to relieve a minor problem that wasn’t responding to standard treatments.  The positive result of that experiment inspired him to learn more about the human energy field.  While studying, he continued to work with healing energy for friends and family.  His interest in the subject eventually led him to Reiki, a Japanese form of energy work, and he became a certified as a Reiki Master in 2009.

    Following certification, Joe’s working methods continued to evolve; they are now a blend of Reiki and his own intuitively guided technique.  This creates sessions that are unique for each recipient.

    A person’s energetic condition can influence both his physical and emotional states.  Thus, recipients of Joe’s energy work have experienced a wide range of benefits, from relaxation and stress relief to profound personal discovery and revelation.

    Joe works exclusively at The Green Man, and is available by appointment on Fridays and weekends.

  • Julie James

    Julie is currently available for private consultations by appointment only.
    Please see the calendar for exact dates.
    For more about her consultations, please click here.

    Julie James is an herbalist, and director of Green Wisdom Herbal Studies, providing herbal education opportunities for people all over Southern California. After over 2 decades of formal study, apprenticeship, consulting and teaching, she now focuses on expanding understanding of traditional Western herbalism, deep plant love, medicine-making, wellness and holistic nutrition.

    Visit her and check out the calendar of upcoming classes and events at Facebook at

    Green Wisdom Herbal Studies Meetup    www.facebook.com/GreenWisdomHerbalStudies

    Vitalism in healing is a traditional strategy based upon the principle that the healing force of nature is present in every cell of your body. True healing takes place when we allow that Vital Force to support growth and healing on all levels for the fulfillment of each individual’s highest purpose. The Vitalist incorporates all aspects of science, especially physiology and pathophysiology, but equally values knowledge from traditional medicine, empirical observation, instinct & intuition.

    An herbal consultation examines many aspects of health. Using a holistic system, we can work together to enhance your health and wellness to optimum levels. We will discuss nutritional status & how the use of herbs, nutritional supplements, dietary & lifestyle changes may contribute to an increased sense of well-being. We will then suggest an herbal formula or formulas specifically designed for the client, if needed. All herbs and nutrients are fully explained so that the client has a firm understanding of the suggested protocol and expected outcome.

    In further consultation, any medications that the client is taking may be evaluated to reduce the risk of any negative interactions with the herbs and supplements.

    These consultations are for educational purposes only, and do not replace the services of a licensed physician. Julie James is not a Medical Doctor, and does not diagnose or treat disease. If you are sick, you should see your medical doctor.

  • Karen Tate

    Rev. Dr. Karen Tate – author, teacher, speaker, radio show host and social justice activist.  Named One of the 13 Most Influential Women in Goddess Spirituality and a Wisdom Keeper of the Goddess Spirituality Movement, Karen hosts the long-running show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine on Blog Talk Radio, considered a treasure trove of wisdom by listeners and peers.

    Tate’s work has been highlighted in the Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times and other major newspapers. She is interviewed regularly in print, on television and on national public radio and hosts her own show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio considered a treasure trove of insight and wisdom for our time. Her published articles have appeared in both domestic and international publications since 1995.

    She is on the Editorial Board of the journal, Goddess Theology and a founding Board of Directors member of the Institute for Theology and Deasophy. She is currently a contributing writer to Sacred History Magazine, Mystic Pop, Circle News, the Beltane Papers, and other domestic and international print and online magazines. Karen has also contributed to the following books: Heart of a Woman in Business, Waters of Life, Goddess Guide to Business Bliss, Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess, Daughter of the Sun: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Sekhmet, Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak, Pagan Leadership: An Anthology on Building Healthy Groups and Communities and Jesus Through Pagan Eyes. As the Los Angeles Women’s and Goddess Spirituality columnist for The Examiner she regularly covers events in Southern California related to spirituality, women’s issues, political activism and arts and culture.

  • Kristin Dwan

    Kristin Dwan is a Reiki Master, Business Coach for Healers and Author of “Baptism By Flame – 10 Steps To Ignite Your Light Within” (available for purchase at The Green Man!)  Her passion in life is helping people called to healing and mysticism to find their soul’s purpose and then guide them on living their purpose full time instead of in between day jobs.
    She will help awaken within you the healing and wisdom that is yours to use to better your life and the lives around you.
    Kristin found her introduction to Reiki and healing early on in life by dying and coming back to life in a burn ward, receiving skin grafts for 3rd degree burns over 30% of her body and going on a huge spiritual journey for the 20 years that have followed…one that continues to this day.  Going through this lesson showed Kristin the huge difference between thriving in life versus merely existing, and she has been thriving ever since!  Over the past 20 years, Kristin has helped healers, spiritual teachers, doctors, scientists and clergy to spread the gift of Reiki as far as possible around this world, a world which needs the healing more and more every day.
    She has a deep passion for helping people find the power within their pain and the wisdom within their struggle. She loves empowering people all over the world with the energy of the Universe which Reiki is, in order to heal themselves and the people around them. Each session and class she offers creates a huge ripple effect of love and healing which spreads across the globe.
    Her focus within her work is the Shadow and Subconscious programming that we all suffer through in our adult years. Kristin is not afraid to go deep within the darkness of the shadow to help her clients through trauma, loss, grief, depression and fear. She is comfortable working with the shadow because she is comfortable there. Where some healers call themselves light workers, she is definitely a shadow worker…going straight to the root of what holds you back in life.
    She holds what she has named Bullshit Bonfires seasonally at The Green Man Store, where people of all ages and spiritual beliefs gather around a ritual bonfire to release the ties to past pain and fear in order to free themselves to manifest the beauty in life they desire and deserve. Within a Bullshit Bonfire, you will receive a cord cutting to anything standing in your way, a ritual burning of that which no longer serves you, a guided meditation to The Universe and back to plant a seed of manifestation in your future and a tarot reading at the end.
    Kristin has been a practicing witch for 30 years, and has been holding public rituals for 20 years within covens as well as solo. She has been doing Bullshit Bonfires up and down the coast for the past 10 years, and is excited to focus this offering to the LA Pagan Community, which she has basically grown up in, and holds dear to her heart.
    Kristin is the owner of The Healing Woods in Altadena, CA where she offers private one-on-one Reiki training, Business Coaching for Healers and Mystics, Akashic Records Readings, Tarot Readings and Reiki Sessions.
  • Laurie Lovekraft

    Laurie Lovekraft is a ritualist, magicalLaurie with hat on round thing cropped2 practitioner, performer, and writer. Over the past 30 years she has studied Reclaiming Tradition, Tibetan Buddhism, Wicca, Thelema, Feri Tradition, and herbalism.

    Laurie is a contributor to the Huffington Post’s Religion section and is a guest lecturer at the University of Southern California’s Department of Religious Studies. Her writings have appeared in Green Egg, Widdershins, and PanGaia Magazine. Laurie was interviewed for the book Modern Pagans: an Investigation of Contemporary Ritual by John Sulak and V. Vale (RE/Search Publications) and contributed to Pat Califia and Drew Campbell’s book Bitch Goddess: The Spiritual Path of the Dominant Woman (Greenery Press).

    Laurie has taught and performed at the Starwood Festival,PantheaCon, Ancient Ways Festival, Burning Man, the Women’s Goddess Festival, the Harmony Festival’s Techno Tribal Dance, Cross Pollinate Women’s Gatherings, and Code Pink Women for Peace’s annual activist bootcamp. She studied North Indian Classical vocal music with Shabda Kahn, plays doumbek, djimbe, frame drum, bodhran and guitar, and has recorded with Sharon Knight, Robin Silver, Rachel Tree, Tim Gennert, and Sequoia Records‘ Steve Gordon.

    A graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute’s Women’s Clairvoyant Training program, for many years Laurie co-led seasonal rituals at Ocean Song Farm & Wilderness Center (Sonoma County, CA) and priestessed with the Church of All Worlds. She was a founding member of the Crescent Hellions, a Northern CA public ritual collective with Sam Webster, Tara Webster, Sharon Knight, and Winter. She also co-founded Reclaiming LA, a community in the greater Los Angeles area affiliated with the Reclaiming Tradition. Laurie currently produce’s Starhawk’s annual Los Angeles Spiral Dance & community workshop and serves the pagan community as a Reclaiming teacher.

    Laurie holds a Masters in Cultural Anthropology with a focus on Environmental Ethics. She is long-time activist and forest defender passionate about environmental and social justice causes.

  • Matilda Somerfeld

    Matilda Somerfield believes the practice of Heka and all things Magickal allow one to live to the fullest, creating adventure and excellence in Life.  Her background in occult study is extensive: Alexandrian Traditional Witchcraft, Sakya Order/ Vajra Yogini master, Past Sr. Priestess of the O.T.A., Golden Dawn Officer and High Priestess of the House of the Blue Lotus.  Published articles have appeared in “The Seventh Ray”.  Kemetic Reconstructionist, Priestess of Aset and Bastet, she promises a journey through the practices of the Black Land and the Red Land with applications for modern times.
  • Mike Talvola

    Mike is Senior Druid of about 30 NeoPagan Druids in the Los Angeles area that call themselves Raven’s Cry Grove, ADF.  Calling himself a Pagan since 2000, he was a member and then leader of the Pagan group at his UU church.  When the Pagan group faded away, he found Raven’s Cry Grove’s Beltaine ritual in 2005 and was chosen by lot the King of May.  Well, how could he not join the group then?  He’s been an officer of the grove since that Samhain, and Senior Druid since 2010.  Mike is also the Senior Clerk for the Reformed Druids of Gaia, an international organization closely aligned with the Reformed Druids of North America.  Plus, he is a 16 year very active member of the Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Newbury Park , having been on its Board of Trustees and currently serving the membership and the worship committees.  Mike is a retired computer engineer and manager with a BS from Oregon Stare and MS from USC.  A continuing student of philosophy and history, he recently completed an online course in Ancient Philosophy, and labels himself a Stoic leaning Modern Animist.

  • Monica Sorce

    Monica was born and raised on the east coast, and migrated to L.A. in 1993.  She is clairvoyant and clairaudient, and uses both of these gifts in her Tea Leaf Readings.  She has been a spiritual adviser for over  20 yrs.  Her gifts first showed themselves through dreams and evolved later into reading the leaves.  During the reading, Monica works with her spirit guide, who aids with the information that is given. Also during her readings, animals will appear, which have their own special  meanings, lessons, warnings, or information for the querent.  She has studied and learned the language of the animal messengers.  She finds the Tea Leaves to be a very accurate system of getting the information that is needed.

    Monica teaches Candle Magic and Pendulum classes at The Green Man, and dresses custom candles for customers.  She also is available to scry (read) the remnants of a spell candle to give further insight.

    [youtube id="yjUuuw9ND_4" align="center" mode="normal" autoplay="no"]

    Messages from your Dreams  a blog by Monica

  • Pleasant Gehman


    Pleasant Gehman has had a life-long love affair with metaphysics and the occult. She got her first Tarot deck as at the age of thirteen, immediately started reading for her junior high friends, and never looked back. Her intuitive readings been called “astonishing”,“spot on” and  “amazingly accurate”. Her clairvoyant/ claircognizant gifts, gentle demeanor, broad life experience and clear counsel have made her a sought after psychic reader with clients all over the globe.

    A naturally gifted energy healer, Pleasant was born with the ability to sense and soothe physical injuries, emotional trauma and bodily discomfort in humans and animals, as well as to calm and release her client’s stress.

    A confirmed “spirit magnet” Pleasant has been a serious paranormal investigator since 2009, hunting ghosts in haunted locations ranging from private homes, hotels and  churches to amusement parks and abandoned buildings all over North America.  She has lead three private ghost tour/investigations with groups of forty to sixty participants onboard the RMS Queen Mary, reputedly one of America’s most haunted locations. 

    Her forthcoming book “Walking The Tarot Path” (with co-author Crystal Ravenwolf) will be published in Summer, 2018. Pleasant does a daily Tarot draw on her Instagram account, @princessofhollywood and her popular blog “The Divination Nation”  www.divinationnation.blogspot. com  covers all things witchy.

    Readings with Pleasant:

    15 minutes: $35 in person; $40 by phone or Skype
    30 minutes: $50 in person; $55 by phone or Skype
    45 minutes: $65 in person; $70 by phone or Skype
    60 minutes: $80 in person; $85 by phone or Skype

  • Raven's Cry Grove

    Raven’s Cry Grove, ADF was founded and officially approved as an ADF Protogrove on July 22, 1999.  ADF is Ár nDraíocht Féin, an international fellowship devoted to creating a public tradition of Neopagan Druidry and this year is its 32nd anniversary. Neopagan Druidry is a tradition, a philosophy, and a way of life for its practitioners.  Neopaganism is a vital and creative movement that draws upon the best aspects of the Pagan faiths of our ancestors to create a holistic, pluralistic path which allows for art and science, reason and emotion, and peace and ecstasy to be experienced harmoniously.  Druidry is a branch of Neopaganism which draws its inspiration from the priests, priestesses, wise ones and magicians of the ancient Celts. Druidry calls for excellence in all pursuits, be they physical, mental, artistic, or spiritual.  Raven’s Cry Grove, ADF is a nonprofit religious organization incorporated in the State of California. Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit church incorporated in the State of Delaware.

    As a member grove of ADF, Raven’s Cry presents public rituals for each of the Neopagan High Days.  Our public ritual style is based on the ADF “Core Order of Ritual” template that guides us to a form which uniquely is shared with other ADF groves.  Its cosmology model is hard polytheistic – that is based on the premise of many distinct gods. We ask a god to be protector of our gathering and then create a sacred center and connect it to all the worlds where our three Kindreds – Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and Deities – will hear us.  Most of our ritual is offertory, and by the Indo-European concept of ghosti – of hospitality – we ask for blessings after our offerings are made.  We visualize our blessings flowing into a blessing cup which we pass around so all may receive the blessings of the Kindreds.

    ADF groves derive inspiration for rituals from ancient Indo-European cultures and mythology.  So while calling ourselves “Druids” may imply a Celtic focus, and Raven’s Cry does celebrate the four Celtic fire festivals, there is not a limitation to Celtic culture alone.  Raven’s Cry has presented rituals related to  Roman, Greek, Norse, and Slavic traditions. Our first Vedic ritual will be this summer, and within Celtic cultures, we use both Irish and Welsh traditions for inspiration.  Our rituals are modern, and we do not make any claim of reconstructing what our ancestors did, only that we are inspired by what anthropologists, historians, and other scholars have uncovered about our ancestors’ practices.

    While Raven’s Cry Grove might be called an ADF church, it is not a belief based or orthodoxy based group.  We consider beliefs to be personal.  Instead we are many times called an orthopraxic religion, meaning right practice.  Our idea is our practice leads to our being better people and the world to being a better place, but beliefs are personal and secondary to practice.

    Raven’s Cry Grove, ADF has a Facebook presence, and a website http://ravenscrygrove.org where more information and news can be found.

  • ReClaiming LA

    The Vision Statement of Reclaiming LA is based on the Reclaiming Collective’s Principles of Unity which states that the earth is alive and all of life is sacred and interconnected. We see the Goddess as immanent in the earth’s cycles of birth, growth, death, decay and regeneration. Our practice arises from a deep, spiritual commitment to the earth, to healing and to the linking of magic with political action.

    Reclaiming LA acknowledges everyone’s ability to make magic – also known as changing consciousness at will, or changing the dominant cultural story. This might mean creating vibrant health, inner peace, and creative non-violent networks.

    Decisions of Reclaiming LA are made by consensus, balancing individual autonomy with social responsibility in service to the earth and the community. We also value skillful leadership and expertise and strive to share, distribute, and rotate positions of power so that skills may be learned by everyone.

    We are only as strong as our weakest link and we believe that hatred is a tool used to divide and oppress us all. Instead, we learn to actively listen, creating space for those who have not spoken to come forward. From all imprisonments, we sing “release.”

    We see our work as teaching and making magic: the art of empowering ourselves and each other to work in service of the earth, in service of the least among us. Our vision is rooted in the magic of the Goddess, the Immanent Life Force as we experience it every day, as opposed to a formulaic, hierarchical tradition of secret knowledge. This vision honors all names for the divine.

    In our classes, workshops, and public rituals, we train our voices, bodies, energy, intuition, and minds. We use these skills to deepen our strength, both as individuals and as community, to voice our concerns about the world in which we live, and bring to birth a vision of a new culture: a vibrant, sustainable, locally enfranchised, worldwide community of peacemakers.


  • Rene Collins

    Rene Collins is a magician, spiritual singer/songwriter, actor and mystic.  He has been a student of the occult sciences for over 30 years. His interest began at age 13 when he became interested in the Qi Gong mastery.  He devoted himself to learning the magickal arts in Western, Eastern and African magickal and spiritual traditions. He was first initiated in Thelema system with a a private teacher where he trained in ceremonial magick, yoga, Kabbalah.. He then pursued Eastern tradition including Zen with Blue Dragon School in San Francisco. Along with those teachers he became interested in Taoist philosophy. He study various types of martial arts including Choi Le Foot, 8 Step Mantis, Jeet Kune Do, and Capoeria which he holds a advance green belt. In Brooklyn NY  he served as High Priest of ATOTA (A Temple of The Apotheosis) in Brooklyn NY where he co-wrote and lead Pagan rites in Prospect Park for many years. He also was High Priest of Body Temple for 5 years and taught his own magick and medication classes to the community. He currently teaches spiritual development at Breathe Rehab Center and recently released the book Way of the Magical Intelligence. He is currently a student of the Ausar Auset Society, Orion Foxwood, and walks the path of Vodou as well. Rene is a member of the Patrick McCollom Foundation, and resides in Los Angeles, CA with his family but often teaches in New York.



  • Shana Leilani

    Intuitive Shana is sweet and feisty, and she bites with honesty. She began down her spiritual path at the early age of eight years old with her discovery of the tarot. From there, she began to explore different elements of the spiritual world including the magical practices of her Hawaiian and Italian heritage.

    Easy to talk to, she begins each reading by energetically tapping into you and pulling through messages from your Higher Self and spirit guides before moving on to using the tarot, tea leaves, and her intuition to answer your questions and guide to you to a course of action that will assist you in achieving your highest good in any situation.

    Experienced in Jorie Energy Healing and Reiki, she offers a mixture of healing modalities to relax and refresh spirit, mind, and body. In healing sessions, Shana uses Universal Life Force energy to balance your chakras, ease aches and pains, and remove energies that do not serve you.

    A trained veterinary technician, Shana has taken her healing abilities from the medical world and brought it into a spiritual light. Offering sessions that are a combination of animal communication, energy healing, and training, she is able to bring you peace of mind and offer your pet comfort. Beyond flesh and bone animals, Shana is also in tune with the energy and spirits of animals around us.  With the help of meditation, she can guide you in a pathworking to discover your spirit animal, and can teach you how to build a relationship with it.

    Shana began her work in the paranormal field, studying with two investigation teams before moving on to form her own group, LA ParaDolls. Acting as the head spiritualist, Shana lends her psychic abilities to families and spirits in need while also using a variety of electronic equipment and other techniques to communicate, record, and solve paranormal phenomenon as well as cleansing and blessing homes.

    [youtube id="0SNS5ObisIs" align="center" mode="normal" autoplay="no"]

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  • Sherry Patterson L.Ac

    Sherry has worked in the medical field since 1971.  While working for a large orthopedic medical group, she interviewed patients and heard about their experiences with western medical care. She began to look for a more integrated and effective way of offering relief from disease and discomfort, while creating a stronger partnership with patients in their pursuit of health and wellness.

    The Universe answered.

    Sherry found her way to Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica where she was trained in all facets of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She graduated from Emperor’s with a Masters Degree, Magna cum Laude.

    She is also a trained Reiki practitioner as such, combines acupuncture with energy work to achieve powerful results in her patients’ lives.  Energy blockages can be freed and energy centers (Chakras) aligned allowing the body to heal itself, physically and spiritually.

    And, of course, Sherry has many years of experience using traditional Acupuncture, which can have a profound effect on a wide array of health issues.

  • Ashley


    I have researched and practiced the art of Astrology for almost 15 years. My involvement in this study resulted in my ISAR certification of Western Tropical Astrology. I am adept in the areas of Modern Tropical, Western Sidereal, Hellenistic, Evolutionary and Mundane Astrology. My most recent passion is in the field of Hindu Astrology (Jyotish), also popularly known to westerners as “Vedic” Astrology.

    I have been reading Tarot cards for over a decade. My experience began from taking instructional classes in Everett, Washington, where my interest progressed into self-motivated learning through intensive research, books and personal study. I intuitively read Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand and playing cards. This practice has strengthened my ability to read people, places and situations in my professional and daily life.

    My approach to dream analysis is based upon the Carl Jung school of Analytical Psychology, which seeks to explain the role and functioning of archetypes found in the collective unconscious, in regard to his contributions of personality theory. Decoding the language of symbols found in dreams is to help people consciously realize what their subconscious is communicating to them for the purpose of greater self-understanding. Ever since I constructed my college discourse in Jungian Dream Interpretation, I have integrated this method into my personal life, and consulting practice.

    In addition to my practice as an intuitive reader and astrologer, I am a natural mystic, healer, teacher, writer, artist and world-traveler. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling, with a Minor in Biblical Theology.

    I am an active participant in various Tarot and Astrology groups, domestically and internationally based. I have taught and lectured through various astrological organizations, as well as having organized and facilitated Tarot and Astrology groups to encourage metaphysical learning and networking.




    Readings with Ashley:

    15 minutes: $35 in person; $40 by phone or Skype
    30 minutes: $50 in person; $55 by phone or Skype
    45 minutes: $65 in person; $70 by phone or Skype
    60 minutes: $80 in person; $85 by phone or Skype

    Vedic Astrology Readings: (minimum 1 hour; must have accurate birth time)
    Single natal chart with transits and dasha periods 60 minutes $80.00; 90 minutes $120.00; 120 minutes $160.00
    Couple, synastry analysis 60 minutes $108.00; 90 minutes $150.00; 120 minutes $200.00
  • The Green Man

    The Green Man is a shoppe & community center in Southern California offering a variety of metaphysical and magical supplies. A small selection of our products are now available to order online, with more coming soon. More than 30 unique practitioners are available by appointment and walk-in for psychic readings, spiritual counseling, spell-crafting, and ceremonies. Our Psychics & Healers have their own website: www.thegreenmanpsychics.com

    The Green Man is a haven where ancestral spiritual knowledge and the practices known as the Old Ways are not only kept alive, but given space to grow and evolve. We believe a key to spiritual evolution is diversity, so we welcome people of all paths and persuasions. We are family-owned and operated by experienced spiritual, magical, metaphysical, and occult practitioners, which sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

    True to the Old Ways, hospitality is important to us, but we won’t proselytize, give unsolicited advice, or hover in an effort to appear helpful. If you need help or have a question, please ask. The Green Man is here for your spiritual journey.

  • Tommy Oakley

    Tommy Oakley specializes in reading Runes. As a Marine combat veteran, Tommy is able to use his experiences and wisdom to help others find balance in times of stress and uncertainty. Trained in Italian witchcraft, Tommy offers a unique prospective to his craft and how it can help you in your everyday life. Tommy is one of the few remaining practitioners of Norse Runes: the original language of divination which dates back to 400 CE.

  • Vanina Armendariz

    Vanina Armendariz learned to do tarot readings at an early age and has been doing readings for over 15 years.  She started with Spanish cards & then moved on to other systems of tarot.  She is also a clairvoyant, palm reader, psychic medium, and sensitive.  She has been featured on TV  shows as a ghost magnet, due to her ability to see, hear, and feel, and has witnessed overwhelming events as a shaman’s apprentice.

    Vanina is a ghost hunter and a member of two paranormal teams: Yussi’s Paranormal, and Claranormal.  She has always been drawn to the occult, so she studied every inch & branch of the occult sciences, becoming knowlegeable in witchcraft, spells, candle preparation, demonology, healing, herbs, oils, occult items, etc.