2020 Vision Board workshop with Shana

The promise of renewal and manifestation is floating through the air as the approach of Imbolc draws near. Harness this energy and bless your seeds of 2020 in Intuitive Shana's Vision Board class February 1st. In this workshop you will craft, enchant, and bless a vision that ... Read More >

Magical Housekeeping with Shana

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to add a domestic flare to your magic! Our homes are our sacred spaces where we go for sanctuary, rest and to let our guard down. Through daily cleaning rituals like dusting we are given the chance to infuse our walls with purpose, protection ... Read More >

Vision Board Workshop with Shana

Join Shana for an afternoon of crafting, empowerment and manifestation in her Vision Board Workshop. Vision boards are wonderful, unique tools that help curate a solid foundation for us build our ambition, goals and renewed hope. Along with photos and clippings of your ... Read More >

Let’s Talk Talking Boards with Shana

Get into the spirit of the season of the witch with an afternoon of talking boards! In this class, Shana will go over the history, taboo, psychic protection and proper handling of Ouija Boards. At the end of this class you will have the opportunity to put your new knowledge to ... Read More >

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