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Ren Zatopek

Teacher of Traditional Spiritwork +

About Ren

My great joy is helping folks discover their innate tools of trance, vision, and voice, so that they can build meaningful, honest friendships with spirits + especially their own.

I’m a student and a teacher, a writer and a reader, a guide and a seeker. I’m a traditional spiritworker and rootdoctor from Texas, now a long-term resident of Los Angeles. I offer rituals, events, and classes at The Green Man. I also offer a free 7-week online series on Spiritwork and an 11-month online Spiritwork group intensive through my personal website.

I’m an initiate of the Ced Tradition of Heretical Witchcraft and Raven’s Cry Grove, Ar nDraiocht Fein, as well as a seer with the House of Brigh. Inseparable from my spiritual work, I’m also a massage and somatic body therapist, a martial artist, a photographer, and a poet. I like long walks on the beach, long stretches of silence, long swords, and long naps.

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About Spiritwork

Traditional Spiritwork begins with conversations. The stars are singing. The memories in your blood are whispering. Can you hear them? The spiritworker learns the language of the dead, of trees, of the heart. Through these diverse relationships, our worldview evolves and our understanding deepens, just like the expansion we experience if we have the opportunity to visit a foreign country or learn a new language.

Sometimes the conversations lead us to other sacred arts: like the rituals, shrine-keeping, prayers, visionary work, and folk-practices of our ancestors. To me, Traditional doesn’t mean going through the same motions as those who came before. Our animist ancestors didn’t have the internet to look up which color candle to use. They found their own Way. They worked with what they had, they talked with what they found, they saw spirit in everything. The Tradition is heretical, it is the way of finding your own way.

"Great oaks from little acorns grow."

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