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The world over, we can find The Green Man gazing down upon us from cathedral walls and ceilings, an architectural motif. Very often open-mouthed, he waits to see: who hears his silent call echoing through the church choirs? Who looks to find this ancient pagan nature god cleverly hidden amongst the saints and angels surrounding him? A shift of perspective is required…. Is it you?

And amidst the sprawling concrete suburbia of North Hollywood, the Green Man spirit flourishes.

It had long been the dream of many to see a gathering-place raised in NoHo, a place where the pagan community could find hearth, home, and haven. After many years of dreaming, Jill, Joe, and Carrie – aka the White Wolf Clan – stepped forward and began to seriously discuss what would be involved in making such a dream become reality. The name The Green Man was chosen for the Spirit of growth, abundance and celebration he represents, and these are things we seek to share here in this sacred space. It was also chosen because Jill has been a Green Man aficionado for many years! Once the name was chosen, the spirit took root and grew! We felt guided and nudged in all the right directions, and the perfect space was found and leased within a matter of days. How could we pass up those green walls and beautiful wooden door? One peek down the rabbit hole, and off we went! As our dream took on a life force of its own, we realized we needed one more member on our team and we knew exactly whom it should be: Griffin was brought on board, and sharing years of experience and knowledge of Craft, he became an integral part of The Green Man’s continued growth and evolution.

Years into our adventure, we continue to grow and evolve along with our thriving and ever-growing community. And we are committed to continuing that growth and evolution here beneath the Green Man’s leafy canopy.

Here at The Green Man we offer a hearth where all people from all streams and paths of all the old ways may gather.

Here diversity is our strength.

Here we can share our uniqueness with each other and help each other to evolve spiritually.

The Green Man offers the pagan community: a hearth and safe haven, insightful classes by knowledgeable and experienced teachers, community rituals for Moons, Sabbats, and other special events, quality products including the craftsman works of some of our community artisans, and magical and spiritual services tailor-made to the needs of our distinctive community members.

Most importantly, however, we want to see the magical spirit of our Green Man forest grow with love, widening all our horizons, adding more colors of life, joy, and pleasure to our evolving cosmos. Together, breaking down the walls of ignorance, intolerance, and fundamentalism. By the magical power of Love, Light, and Laughter, each one of us can make a difference.

May we merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again!

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