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Lughnassadh with Nemed na Morrigna

LUGHNASSADH: with Nemed na Morrigna (Murtagh anDoile and Elizabeth Rose (Ceolaire Saille) Arrive at 7:30 for an 8pm start. At this ritual, we celebrate the First Harvest, as well as the renewal of the contract between the Earth Goddess, and the Champion of the Tribe. We gather to pledge our aid in the renewal of

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Crystal Workshop with Jill Saturday August 20 3 pm

crystals for the crystals workshop

Crystals! Minerals! Stones! Rocks! Let’s play with them! As always, this workshop will include experiencing the energies of a few different crystals, plus some work with using crystals to do short intuitive readings. So when someone tells you you have rocks in your head, just thank them and agree. 😉 I will put together bags

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NEW parking info!

NEW parking info: There is no parking on Lankershim on our block and the block to the south due to DWP work on nearby streets. Side streets in the neighborhood are still readily available, and starting August 1 there is customer parking FOR THREE HOURS ONLY in marked spaces in the alley behind the storefronts

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Movie Night August 6 with Chef Hovik

It’s summer time so how about an outdoor movie night? Bring your blankets and pillows for an evening a great picnic style food and of course a great community picked movie. Be sure to call the store and purchase your tickets as there will be limited space. Tickets must be purchased by August 4th so

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Tarot Forecast week of July 19th by Hovik

It’s about love and partnerships this week. All work and no play can lead to dull times. There must always be balance in our lives otherwise it becomes meaningless. My overall assessment looking at the cards, the message from last week regarding keeping your enemies close comes up in a better light this time around.

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The Green Man 6th Anniversary Party!

A Community ritual & party to celebrate our beloved old leafy, the Green Man himself. Sat July 16th 2016    Gather at 7:00pm for an 8:00pm rite. Dear blessed Pagan Community, please join us Saturday the 16th to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Green Man Store! We will kick it off with a celebration

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Learn Fortune-Telling Party with Elizabeth Bissette

Fortune Telling! Wine! Cauldron-Firelight! Join Liz for this marvelous, magical midsummer gathering. Whether you’re new to the art or a seasoned reader you’ll have a fantastic time. learn and practice a variety of divination methods. The event fee includes how-to guides for palm, tea leaf, pendulum and dice reading, (for practice at the party in

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Exploring the Energies and Messages of Crystals

crystal energies and messages

Exploring the Energies and Messages of Crystals: a workshop with Jill    Saturday, June 18, 2016  12 noon – 2:00   $23; $3 discount for cash Let’s play!  We’ll be experiencing the energies of several crystals, and we’ll get into scrying with crystals. You may find that individual crystals speak to you, or you may find

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