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Safe Haven

The Sanctuary Location aka The Green Man Store, which we hold so dear….forges forward doing business as usual. Why? Because we hold the Power and fully intend to continue to be a safe haven for the diverse alternative spiritual community we together have worked so hard to forge! Though our Hearts may be heavy looking

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Meet Debbie Waltera Griggs!

Debbie Griggs Psychic/Spiritual Advisor Hailing from New Zealand and born on Day of the Dead, Debbie comes from a long line of European Psychics, and has been Intuitive all her life. It wasn’t until her near death experience six years ago that she realized her purpose was to share her gift with the world. Debbie

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Crystals: Quarts of Quartz a workshop with Jill

crystals for the crystals workshop

Quarts of Quartz: a workshop with Jill Sunday October 16, 2016 12 noon – 2:00 $23; $3 discount for cash Let’s play! We’ll be experiencing the energies of several crystals, and we’ll get into scrying crystals. We’ll play with giving/getting quick readings from various crystals. I’ll have many stones on hand to work with, but

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Herb-Drug Interactions workshop with Julie James August 20 2016

Herb-Drug interactions are an area of great concern nowadays, with the increase in prescriptions for medications, and the increased interest in herbal products. There are, however, really only a very few confirmed herb-drug interactions recorded, with the vast majority of the information available either extrapolation of data on single constituents, assumption of effects based on

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