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COVID-19: What The Green Man Store is doing

UPDATE 6/9/20: The Green Man Store is opening to the public starting Tuesday June 9!  We will be open Tuesday – Sunday noon to 5.  We reserve the right to change our hours without notice for safety reasons so we suggest you call the store 818.985.2010 to confirm we are open when you want to come by. We look forward to seeing you!

In accordance with Los Angeles city guidelines, here are the rules we are introducing that we feel are necessary for the safety of our customers and staff:

Most important and with no exception: Face coverings must be worn by both staff and customers. No one over the age of 2 will be allowed into the store without one.

If you are not feeling well in ANY way, please do NOT come in.

No more than 6 customers will be allowed inside the store at one time.

The guideline we are all familiar with is to maintain a 6’ distance from others at all times (except for family groups), whether inside the store or waiting outside. We understand in close quarters, such as inside the store, this may not always be possible. So we ask that our customers try to be aware of others and give each other respectful space as much as possible.

Please follow the directions of our staff at all times. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, especially anyone who does not follow our safety measures or to anyone, especially anyone who does not follow our safety measures or help us create and maintain a safe space for us all.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but in order to protect both customers and staff we will not be able to offer our restroom or the classroom/lounge area to the public during this time.

In order for our staff to keep up with demand without compromising good customer service, our spell-crafting services (such as spell candles and mojo bags) must be preordered/prepaid. These services will not be done while-you-wait until Covid-19 restrictions are fully lifted. You may order in store and pick up the following day.

As there is still a cap on group sizes, and our classes are so popular, we will need to continue presenting our classes, events, and psychic readings via the internet and over the phone.

UPDATE 5/12/20: We are happy to announce that The Green Man will be offering curbside service for preordered/prepaid orders on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays! Wed & Fri noon-5:30; Sun 1-3:30 For the safety of our staff and our community, here are the rules:

Face coverings must be worn by both staff and customers.

In accordance with Los Angeles city guidelines, we can not allow customers into the store. Please knock and we will bring your order to the door.

If waiting outside for the order, please maintain 6′ distance from others.

Orders not picked up before end hours will not be available until the next curbside day. There will be NO pickups on days not designated for curbside service.

We are temporarily not selling any herbs or oils other than our incense blends and conjure oils, until we know our vendors can keep up with demand.

We are working to get more merchandise on the website, but if you don’t see what you want, please call the store 818.985.2010 or email info@thegreenmanstore.com


UPDATE 3/30/20: Sales will be shipped until this crisis has passed.  Call us 818-985-2010 to order and pay in advance by phone or Paypal.  We are shipping once a week. We look forward to continuing to serve you for as long as we are able!


As a catch up to what we are doing here at the Green Man: Things are unfolding nearly daily and we still don’t have a lot of clarity or directives from government, but we have been following things as best we can and we find we have to take decisive action rather than sit and wait. We care deeply about the wonderful people we have gotten to know over the years, people who today we call our tribe, our community. So our actions need to be first and foremost in service of their needs and safety. We, like so many of our community, are also worried about how to survive this ordeal financially. We love our Staff, who we think are pretty amazing people, and we worry about how they may weather this period if we have to close. So we have tried to figure out how we may be able to continue serving our community within the framework of this new crisis reality we find ourselves in. We don’t know how long this crisis is going to last. But we are fully committed to surviving it, so we can continue serving our community when all this is behind us.

In the meantime, we are looking to see what we can do to keep things working for you, the community and for us. In the past we have spoken about a great deal about how we can handle anything if we hold fast together as a village, as a community, tribe! So we are looking to see what we can do to help people hold to each other as a community while being locked down.

First off, we have already moved all of our Psychic Readings to phone readings only. We understand that when life becomes as uncertain as it is right now, some folks like to reach for their psychic for insight and reflection.

Then, we are moving all our classes on line for the immediate future, starting this Thursday March 19, with the continuation of the Ced Tarot Series, which started a few weeks back. For those who have interest, we did have the first classes recorded in the classroom, and we can load these up as well, so people who were unable to attend may have the chance of joining this series and catching up. The Witchcraft 101 class will need to be reworked a little to work within this online format, but the scheduled work can be translated to an online format, and by next week this will be sorted out. So expect the 101 class to resume next Tuesday, March 24. We are in discussion with the teachers of the other classes and, where possible, these classes will also be put up on line. We will let you know the details as we sort them out.

The platform we are using for future classes will be accessed through the website. The payment system will also be made clear shortly. But for those already in a series, like the Witchcraft 101 and the Ced Tarot Series, these will be moved to an interactive medium, so as to keep the live class format!

We will be presenting on line rituals most likely in a Vision Quest format. And of course we will be presenting our popular monthly Vision Quests on line. We are also setting up a site where our community can network with each other during this period, with topic centric environments for sharing and discussions. This way we can network with each other and maintain a sense of community connection to save our spirituality and sanity while in such a locked down state.

For shopping, we are taking a lot more of our products on line and we plan on offering phone or website order, and shipping.  If you don’t see what you want online, just give us a call!  818-985-2010.  You can pay with a credit card over the phone, or by PayPal.  We are shipping once a week.

We have so many people in our community who are high risk for one reason or another, and so those of us who are younger and healthy need to also take care not to spread this about in our community. I honestly believe we here in California have the beds and health care support ability to weather through this as long as we keep the infection rate down. It may mean we are dealing with this longer, but keeping the curve down on the infection rate means our high risk members will be ok and those younger folks may get out of this without long term symptom issues. Unfortunately not everyone seems to grasp this, so people in leadership roles need to take action to secure the safety of everyone by restricting the venues where larger groups may congregate. So we take a hit in our business but in service of something we treasure far more, the health and well being of our community and staff, our people!

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