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The Green Man Metaphysical Store: 24% off on December 24th! (Please read RULES carefully!)

Want to get 24% off on merchandise at The Green Man? Come into our store on December 24 wearing pajamas. THE RULES (and yes, there are rules for this):

1. You must walk in the front door in pajamas. It doesn’t count if you change into PJs in our bathroom (or anywhere else in the store).

2. “I sleep in sweatpants.” “I sleep in the buff.” Please notice that we said PAJAMAS, not “what you wear to bed.” Sweats and a shirt won’t get you 24% off. Showing up in the altogether? As amusing as that might be, please don’t; it’s illegal on Lankershim Blvd. It also won’t get you the discount.

3. Pajamas: a top and a bottom that form a set. No yoga pants, jeggings, sweats, shorts, bathing suits, tank tops, or other non-pajamas articles of clothing. Yes, we have been known to check the brand label to make sure. Don’t have PJs? Go support a local charity-run thrift shop.

4. Discount applies only to regularly priced merchandise in stock. It does not apply to sale items, consignment items, gift certificates, future orders, readings, classes, rituals, or any other services or items on which this discount is deemed by staff to be not applicable.

Staff will be in PJs so join us for the fun! Please note we will be closing at 4 PM on Xmas Eve so our staff can enjoy their evening.

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