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Midsummer Fae Vision Quest with Griffin and Carrie

June 19 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Midsummer Fae Vision Quest
Presented by Griffin & Carrie
Video releases Friday June 19th 7pm

As we are still in the wave of Covid 19 and cannot gather for our Sabbat Rituals, we thought to again make a Vision Quest solution to not being able to physically gather. There is no restriction on gathering on the astral! So, we talked and decided we wanted to do something that was both fun and potentially powerful & pertinent. How could we then ignore the Mid-Summer Fae event?

We are not permitted anywhere without a Mask and yes, the Fae have been paying attention to this, so the word is that the Fae this year are launching a big Masked Ball for Mid-Summer! Hecate Queen of Elphame will preside yes, but attending her we expect the good old usual faces, such as Pucca, Gwyn ap Nudd or Herne, as well as a possible encounter with the Great Red Dragon of the Mountain! I have only scratched at the surface of what this Quest may entail and already I am reeling at the mere thought of it! Lol

This sounds to be most illuminating and fun fun & a bit of naughty fun! Ye Gods we really need some fun right now, so thanks for that! Having been given a glimpse of where this may go, my only regret is that we can’t do a mid-summer masked ball for reals in the flesh! But experience of these Vision Quests has me quite content that this being quite for reals but in the astral!

Also, having the chance to chit chat with Hecate is a big plus, as she always lends an interesting perspective to all things presented to her! The Fae Masked Ball is a party to get lost in… and note to visitors, you may get a bit lost in the revelry and especially with all the masks! But remember, what happens in the Fae Mound, stays in the Fae mound! Like with trips to Vegas, no tattle telling!

In general about these workings; These popular monthly Vision Quests, serve to help awaken the Sight and Gifts in the Seeker, offering a number of opportunities to connect with and receive gnostic insight into your Fate, Path and practices, both within your mundane world as well as your Magic.

*Please Note: as we are now doing these via video, no one is preparing your ritual space. These workings can be powerful and it is recommended you take some time to prepare a space to experience the work in, as well as some salty snack to ground with after the event.

The Video is being launched on Friday June 19th, but will be available for viewing at your own discretion for some weeks over the Summer. Tickets are available via our Website, thegreenmanstore.com or via phone to the store, 818 985 2010

A discussion space will be made available for people to discuss and share their experiences with each other, on the Green Man Community Mighty Network. Membership to this on line community is available via the link on the Green Man Website.

Cost is $28.00

To pay and register online, please click the link below:



The Green Man
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North Hollywood, CA 91601 United States
+1 818-985-2010


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