Introducing ReClaiming LA

Reclaiming LA is a community of women and men in the greater Los Angeles area who celebrate earth-based spirituality in support of justice in all its forms – environmental, social, political, racial, gender, and economic. Our vision is rooted in the religion and magic of the ... Read More >

Introducing Laurie Lovekraft

Laurie Lovekraft is a ritualist, magical practitioner, performer, and writer. Over the past 30 years she has studied Reclaiming Tradition, Tibetan Buddhism, Wicca, Thelema, Feri Tradition, and herbalism. Laurie is a contributor to the Huffington Post’s Religion section and is ... Read More >

The Liberation of Surrender by Karen Tate

Writing my current new book, Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth, required that I look back over years of happiness, sadness, revelation, success, disappointment and patterns.  Two of those patterns was my relationship to surrender and my acquired belief ... Read More >

Kwan Yin ~ Compassionate Warrior Queen

Kwan Yin: Compassionate Warrior Queen Message for Sacred Sunday Services (next Sacred Sunday Service, October 28th)  September 2012by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate Today's Sacred Sunday message is about Balance in All Things. Marsha is going to teach you a discipline to bring balance to ... Read More >

You should be committed

Ever go to a Pagan Pride Day, street fair, school play, church carnival, community informational program, or any other community based entertainment, political or social event?  You had a good time, right? Did you know that most of the people involved in putting on these ... Read More >

New Moon Energy and the Dark Faeries

The New Moon is often overlooked.  Is it because it doesn’t “catch our eye” as easily?  As you start to become more aware of energy around you, you start to notice that there is a shift within everyone around both the full moon & the new moon.  With the Full Moon there is ... Read More >

The Language of the Animals, by Monica

  Being a part of the craft for many years, it becomes evident that everything is so interconnected: nature, animals, and sharing the impact animals have played in my life. They all play a key role as we walk this magical path. Today I would like to share some of my ... Read More >

A Fool’s Key to the Cosmos

Hello my fellow seekers! My second blog commitment of the month, I’ll be calling “A Fools Key to the Cosmos.”  And surprise, surprise, it's a Tarot Blog! Today's post is a prequel to that blog. In A Fool's Key to the Cosmos, it’s not my intention to get into monthly Tarot ... Read More >

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