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The Green Man Beltane

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Green Man Beltane Gathering is a-coming! Saturday April 29th, 2017. Gates open 1:00 pm. $23 with a $3 discount for cash only through The Green Man Store. No charge for kids under 13. Warning: Overall the theme of the whole festival may be a bit suggestive ... Read More >

How do I choose a reader? And then what happens?

We are often asked "How do I choose a reader?"  Here are some points to remember. 1. Not every reader is for everyone. We had a wildly popular reader here and I figured she'd be able to hook into my vibe easily, as we had lots of personal background things in common. But ... Read More >

The Green Man Store 6th Anniversary Party

Anniversary Party for the Green Man! A Community ritual & party to celebrate our beloved old leafy, the Green Man himself. Sat July 16th 2016    Gather at 7:00pm for an 8:00pm rite. Dear blessed Pagan Community, please join us Saturday the 16th to celebrate the 6th ... Read More >

Tarot Forecast for the week of July 12 a blog by Hovik

First impressions upon the cards, this is looking like a glorious week. Triumph over the darkness and heavy energy of the past week. There was much work to be had earlier in the month and now it shows a week of revelry, joy, and pleasure in all aspects. Another week where the sun ... Read More >

Tarot Forecast July 5 – 11 blog by Hovik

This week is very promising. Last week, we fought and battled to make our way across the opposition and reached the new kingdom. It seems our efforts are rewarded this week! The overall message of the cards this week is about enjoying the fruits of your labor and really playing ... Read More >

Tarot Forecast June 28th-July 5th a blog by Hovik

This week is going to be a tough one for sure! The initial impression I got off the cards before I did the reading and pulled cards was a sense of stir up and shake up within the professional world. Take stock of everything you have accomplished thus far and make sure it is worth ... Read More >

"Great oaks from little acorns grow."

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