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Working Candle Magic with Elysia

Working Candle Magic w/ Elysia Why people candles? Why the genitalia candles? Do I have to have the biggest candle I can find for my candle magic to work? Why should I have someone else do the candle for me? What does “paying the coin” mean? There are so many different ways ... Read More >

Angels and Ancestors class with Liz Bissette

Angels and Ancestors with Liz Sat. Feb. 11th at 12:00 p.m. $23; $3 discount for cash Whether you are already working with or are interested in starting to working with your Angels and Ancestors, (or exploring higher realms and energies in general), you will love this unique ... Read More >

Spell Crafting with Food with Hovik

Saturday, July 9  Noon - 2   $23; $3 discount for cash The art/science of mixing magic into your meals is a wondrous skill to have. Growing up in a very food-centric household, I watched and learned how everyone had various charms they would incorporate into the meals they ... Read More >

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