The Green Man is proud to present the following psychic readers as a resource for the community.

They are experienced, insightful, ethical practitioners, and we hope that you will call for an appointment. Telephone readings are also available, with a small surcharge.  Sorry, we can not make appointments by email.

Appointments preferred, but walk-ins welcome.
Please call 818.985.2010 to verify reader availability and rates.  Please note, there is a $5 surcharge for telephone readings.
 All psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Our psychic readers are not medical or legal advisers.

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Adela  Branden  Elizabeth  Elysia   Giana  Jason  

  Kiki  Monica  Sean  Shana  Tracey   Vanina     

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~I am a guide~

We all enter this world knowing who we are.

As life presents itself to us we quickly forget.

I can help remind you the true essence of you.

Adela is an intuitive reader and medium. She provides either Intuitive readings or Medium readings; each is distinctly different. For more about Adela and her readings, click here.


Tracey Brown has been reading for over twenty years. She began her studies in her hometown of Staten Island New York with practicing Wiccans, with Jesus as her ascending master.  Tracey has extensive working knowledge of herbs and candle magic.  She continues reading professionally and honing her skills as she evolves into an insightful and caring psychic. For more about Tracey, click here.



Monica is clairvoyant and clairaudient and uses both of these gifts in her Tea Leaf Readings. She has been a spiritual adviser for over 20 yrs.  During the reading, she works with her spirit guide, who aids with the information that is given. Also during her readings, animals will appear, which have their own special  meanings, lessons, warnings, or information for the querent. For more about Monica, click here.


vaninaVanina Armendariz

Vanina Armendariz learned to do tarot readings at an early age and has been doing readings for over 15 years.  She started with Spanish cards & then moved on to other systems of tarot.  She is also a clairvoyant, psychic medium & sensitive.  She has been featured in TV shows as a ghost magnet, due to her ability to see, hear, and feel, and has witnessed overwhelming events as a shaman’s apprentice.  For more about Vanina, click here.


Kiki  Kiki Lee

KIKI LEE is a highly compassionate, grounded, detail oriented, accurate, and always ethical psychic-medium.  She uses her abilities with tarot cards, past life readings and soul retrievals, aura readings, clairvoyant readings, mediumship, and energy healings, to help those around her to meld into the most beautiful versions of themselves they can be.  For more about Kiki, click here.


Giana thmbnailGiana Cicchelli

Giana is a Psychic reader, healer, artist, and professor who has trained in an eclectic array of healing modalities.  She tailors your healing/reading session to fit your needs (Tarot Readings, Shamanic Healings, Soul Retreival, Chakra Clearing, energy medicine, etc.).  If you let her, she will look into your soul, into your spirit, and find the old trauma and past problems that need to be cleared out so that you can move towards a more happy and healthy life. Giana has attended Women’s Circles with many Goddess Worshipers, attended Native American sweat lodges, and traveled to both the sacred valley and the jungles of Peru to participate in healing ceremonies with the local Shaman. She feels blessed to be doing this work at this time!  For more about Giana, click here.


elysiaElysia, The Naughty Faery

Elysia has been working with faeries since she was a small child, seeing the equivalent of lights surrounding other people and deciphering their inner talents.  After pushing beyond what was considered “socially acceptable behavior” she learned how to open up to find a balanced way of working and teaching others how to work “in” as well as “with” the faery realm.  Whether she is working with cards, basic energy, or working her other artistic and even aromatic talents, everything she works with is truly touched by faeries which brings the enchantment & special energy that is so uniquely “faerie.”  Many say the fae can often be felt and even sometimes heard around her.  A natural clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, Elysia has an innate ability to shut down and remove negative attachments and guide others in ways to remove both personal and spiritual blocks. Through scent, energy vibration, and good old fashioned psychic cleansing, she channels ribbons of the elements around you to help weave a bridge to connect you to your own Higher, Greater, Self. For more about Elysia, click here.


Sean is a 15 year practicing Wiccan. Throughout that time he has cultivated a very close relationship with the Faeries and most recently they have gifted to him the ability to use/ translate tarot cards in helping those that need some advice and help from the Faery Folk. For more about Sean, click here.


 brandon  Branden

“Knowing what your future holds isn’t cheating….it’s getting a leg up above everyone else.” 

A natural clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, Branden has used these talents to further his knowledge of Tarot, as well as to get further insight in to what the Universe has to tell you. Adding in humor and guidance, he leaves you with a sense of comfort and rest after your reading. Branden offers several different types of readings.  For more about Brandon, click here.

Jason  Jason

 Born in a family of Psychics and Ministers, Jason is a natural Tarot Advisor for those looking for grounded and sound, practical advice on a variety of topics. For more about Jason, click here.

shana  Shana

Easy to talk to, Shana is an intuitive empath who begins each reading with an energetic read before moving on to the tarot and channeling. A trained veterinary technician, she uses her skills to reach out to animals as well.  For more about Shana, click here.


Elizabeth   Elizabeth

Part Cherokee, part old-time Southern Conjure woman, Elizabeth is a psychic reader, energy worker and medium from Nashville, Tennessee. She offers tarot, (alone or in combination with tea leaf reading), and uniquely Southern Bone Readings, (bone throwing over tarot with mediumship). Her energy work includes a reading to assess the issues at hand paired with both energetic and root work (Hoodoo) to remove negativity, entities, spirits and other obstacles, (blocks in love, work/money or the ill effects of magic, for example). Her work also focuses on attracting positive forces in the areas of life that have suffered as a result of imbalances or others actions.  For more about Elizabeth, click here.