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Energy Work Practioners at The Green Man

These are experienced, insightful, ethical practitioners, and we hope that you will call for an appointment soon. Prices vary depending on practitioner; please call the store to verify pricing and availability.

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Elizabeth  Giana  Jess  Joanne  Joe 

Julie  Kiki  Ren  Russell  Sherry 

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Giana thmbnailGiana Cicchelli

Giana is a Psychic reader, healer, artist, and professor who has trained in an eclectic array of healing modalities.  She tailors your healing/reading session to fit your needs (Tarot Readings, Shamanic Healings, Soul Retreival, Chakra Clearing, energy medicine, etc.).  If you let her, she will look into your soul, into your spirit, and find the old trauma and past problems that need to be cleared out so that you can move towards a more happy and healthy life. Giana has attended Women’s Circles with many Goddess Worshipers, attended Native American sweat lodges, and traveled to both the sacred valley and the jungles of Peru to participate in healing ceremonies with the local Shaman. She feels blessed to be doing this work at this time! For more about Giana, click here.

Ren Zatopek LMT

Ren is a traditional spiritworker as well as a licensed massage therapist (LMT) and energy healer with a degree from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing. She is happy to assist you with any area of your life in need of healing, cleansing, uncrossing, clarity and blessing. Struggling with grief or obsession? Having neck pain or carpal tunnel? Inheriting bad luck from the ancestors? Looking to evolve spiritually or clarify your psychic gifts? Ren has been helping people with their magical and mundane issues and interests full-time for nearly ten years as well as serving the Los Angeles spiritual community with rituals, events, and classes. For more about Ren, click here.

Joe Weiss

Joe became certified as a Reiki Master in 2009.   His working methods continued to evolve; they are now a blend of Reiki and his own intuitively guided technique, creating sessions that are unique for each recipient.  A person’s energetic condition can influence both physical and emotional states.  Thus, recipients of Joe’s energy work have experienced a wide range of benefits, from relaxation and stress relief to profound personal discovery and revelation.  For more about Joe, click here.

jess headshot


A natural healer with a kind heart, both animals and people are drawn to her. Specialties include relaxation techniques, cleansing areas of your psyche, re-energizing you to help you continue through your own personal journey work, as well as assisting you through some of the tougher, hard to get through areas. For more about Jess, click here.

Kiki  Kiki Lee

KIKI LEE is a highly compassionate, grounded, detail oriented, accurate, and always ethical psychic-medium.  She uses her abilities with tarot cards, past life readings and soul retrievals, aura readings, clairvoyant readings, mediumship, and energy healings, to help those around her to meld into the most beautiful versions of themselves they can be.  For more about Kiki, click here.

Joanne Howard

I have been working with Past Life readings for 12 years. I see your past as an onlooker. I hear what the spirits tell me, and I feel your emotional state at the time of the incident.

Anything you bring to me, I can help you with it — whatever you are struggling with or having trouble working through.  I work on People, Places, Things, Animals, and Spirit attachments of ALL kinds. For more about Joanne, click here.


Part Cherokee, part old-time Southern Conjure woman, Elizabeth is a psychic reader, energy worker and medium from Nashville, Tennessee. She offers tarot, (alone or in combination with tea leaf reading), and uniquely Southern Bone Readings, (bone throwing over tarot with mediumship). Her energy work includes a reading to assess the issues at hand paired with both energetic and root work (Hoodoo) to remove negativity, entities, spirits and other obstacles, (blocks in love, work/money or the ill effects of magic, for example). Her work also focuses on attracting positive forces in the areas of life that have suffered as a result of imbalances or others actions.  For more about Elizabeth, click here.

Sherry Sherry Patterson, L.Ac

Sherry is trained in all facets of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She is also a Reiki practitioner and combines Acupuncture with energy work to achieve powerful results in her patients’ lives.  Energy blockages can be freed and energy centers (Chakras) can be aligned allowing the body to heal itself, physically and spiritually.

 Sherry combines her training in Acupuncture with her innate empathy and her certification as a life coach.  While working with Sherry, emotional pain can be confronted treated and resolved and habitual behaviors can be controlled and eliminated.

Recently, Sherry began incorporating Vibro-Acoustic Healing techniques (sound frequency and vibration—no needles) in with her collection of treatments.  To read more about Sherry, click here.

Russell Chan

Russell was fortunate to grow up in a psychic family in which the Gifts of the Spirit were expected to manifest and is affectionately called, the “psychic plumber” — using a variety of modalities to unclog his clients’ spiritual lives to allow miracles to flow efficiently. For more about Russell, click here.

Julie Ann Julie Anne Crowther

**Quantum Healing by Jac’s 9th Universe**

Born with medium, psychic and healing abilities, Julie worked with several mentors and teachers who helped her develop her inherent abilities to create her evolving Quantum Healing practice. A Quantum Healing session is a heart centered experience which allows for change of the quantum patterns to bring forth the life experiences you want and deserve.  For more about Julie, click here.