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A variety of various sizes, styles and colors.  Herbs, oils, stones, inscribing tools, and glitter for dressing and charging. Click here to visit the Apothecary.

Crystals and Semi-precious Gemstones

Our crystals are all hand-chosen for their energy and beauty.  We strive to make crystals affordable for the general public so everyone can enjoy and use these powerful Earth allies.   We carry an assortment of loose stones, wands, and set jewelry pieces.

Ritual Tools & Supplies

  • Custom-Crafted Ritual Tools
  • Full Sized Cauldrons (with legs, handles and lids)
  • Athames
  • Bells
  • Brooms
  • Chalices
  • Chimes
  • Scrying Mirrors
  • Wands

Statuary, Jewelry, Tarot and Oracle Cards, Boxes, Bags, Greeting Cards, Cloaks


A selection of high quality books on a variety of esoteric subjects. This includes some rare and difficult-to-find titles.


Wendy Andrew: Painting Dreams

A. Wolf: Paintings, Gourd Art, Pyrography, and Scarves

Griffin: Handcrafted Wands and Staffs,  Scrying Mirrors, Personalized Incense and Oil Blends

Goat Wirx: Wands, Jewelry, Decorative Boxes, Rattles, & Runes

Kit’s Glass: Etched Glass art on glass, bottles large, small and in-between

Kalypsokrystal: miniature Magikal Kabinets