Products available


A variety of various sizes, styles and colors.  Herbs, oils, stones, inscribing tools, and glitter for dressing and charging. Click here to visit the Apothecary.

Crystals and Semi-precious Gemstones

An assortment of loose stones, wands and massage tools, and set jewelry pieces.

Ritual Tools & Supplies

  • Custom-Crafted Ritual Tools
  • Full Sized Cauldrons (with legs, handles and lids)
  • Athames
  • Bells
  • Brooms
  • Chalices
  • Chimes
  • Scrying Mirrors
  • Wands

Statuary, Jewelry, Tarot and Oracle Cards, Boxes, Bags, Greeting Cards, Cloaks


A selection of high quality books on a variety of esoteric subjects. This includes some rare and difficult-to-find titles.


Wendy Andrew: Painting Dreams

A. Wolf: Paintings, Gourd Art, Pyrography, and Scarves

Griffin: Handcrafted Wands and Staffs,  Scrying Mirrors, Personalized Incense and Oil Blends

Goat Wirx: Wands, Jewelry, Decorative Boxes, Rattles, & Runes

Kit’s Glass: Etched Glass art on glass, bottles large, small and in-between

Kalypsokrystal: miniature Magikal Kabinets