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Tarot Tuesday ~ The Hierophant

The Hierophant

by Giana
I have decided to write all my tarot card blogs on cards that make me uncomfortable. The Hierophant is another card that has made me squirm in my seat. The card shows a religious leader: order, structure, belief systems, following the group, and being in an institutional setting are all ideas that make me, a trickster and a gemini, very uncomfortable. The Hierophant is formal, official, and often times depicted as a pope or some other male figure of religious authority. I would often get the Hierophant in my readings, and I would always cringe (immediately referencing the dominant religious leaders of our society). Pushing forth to gain greater understanding of this card, I decided to step outside of myself and look at the Hierophant from a different perspective. Disengage my reference of the dominant religious systems, and look to the Hierophant as a religious leader that I can get down with.

I find that the Hierophant can be an awesome omen of portals opening to new knowledge, to secret knowledge, and the mysteries of the universe, though I tend to not like the way that this card unveils itself, it is definitely a powerhouse card. Whether it regards school of academia, or religious pursuits, the Hierophant tells us that it is time to listen to the rules of the system to attain or achieve the gateway through the portal to new knowledge and mysteries. Rules, rules, rules. All of life runs on rules, whether they are the rules of society, or the rules of gravity, the world runs on rules. Even magick runs on rules, and once you understand the rules that govern magick, your practice becomes much more effective. The Hierophant tells us to learn the rules.

The Hierophant asks us to balance the energies of masculinity and femininity within ourselves, the projective and receptive archetypes that reside within us all. Balance is an interesting concept. Often in the magickal lifestyle we must maintain a balance. Many times in my life this card has represented the necessity to do the hard work of learning, the effort of gaining skills that will help in the long run, because it is important, and not because it is something that I like. In the world of magick there are many many venues of exploration. With the High Priestess we delve directly into the ethereal magick, and with the Hierophant (or High Priest) we delve directly into the books, the mathematical equations, the scholarly knowledge that will lead us with a map through the world of magick. In my experience it is important to do both in order to keep balance.


Tarot Tuesday ~ Judgement

By Jason

“I’m ready to advance to the next level.”

The Judgement card represents a move from the old to the new. We are in the process of being raised to new levels, based on our past performances. It is a card of listening to the direction of our soul and aligning ourselves in preparation for that which we are becoming.

The image on the Judgement card differs greatly in the Wizard Tarot than from the classic decks. Depicted are four students taking a test. They represent the four elements: fire, air, water, and earth, which in turn represent the Spirit, Mind, Emotions, and Body. We take tests in order to judge where we are at a given point in time. If we have learned from the lessons of the past, we can then successfully integrate them into the totality of our being.

The instructor is dressed in black, symbolizing the gravity of the type of change that judgement signifies. Her book sports the glyph of Pluto on the cover, the planet of death, regeneration, and unavoidable change. Important changes that one has been moving towards.

judgment closeup

There is a phoenix resting at the top of the card, symbolizing the mystic bird that bursts into flames and then rises again from the ashes. This symbolizes the ability to rise up from our own perceived failures and defeats, and reinvent oneself. The Hebrew letter shin is worked into the upper corner window and can mean sacred fire or change. It certainly taps into both meanings, with the phoenix being the perfect symbol for a being that is consumed by fire and then reforms itself for the better.

As you obtain a clearer meaning of your life’s purpose, then it’s essential that all of your parts are working together in harmony to further you along.

A clear Spirit-Mind-Body channel enhances the flow of your energy.

Spirit creates.
Mind plans.
Body acts.

For example, if you are looking to make a change in your career, you can look at what you’d like to do and what you are excited about doing. Then make a plan to move towards this goal, either through education, or an existing opportunity. And then ACT — go to school, or throw yourself into the necessary experiences that will facilitate your attaining the knowledge to move forward.

If you’re looking at entering a new love relationship and the Judgement card plays a part, you can focus on the reinvention aspects and face past mistakes, learn from them, and move on to happier and healthier times.

With Judgement, all of the elements are coming into alignment to put you over the top and take you to a higher level. You have brought yourself to this defining moment. This new you is calling; are you ready to take the next step?

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Star

The Star

By Branden

“Star light, star bright….”

How many times have we looked up at the night sky and said these words to no avail? How many times have we wished so hard that something would happen and…nothing?

Kind of a tease these wishes from our youth have been, huh? Well, here’s some GREAT news…when the star card appears it speaks of a wish to be fulfilled and granted from the Universe herself. And brings with it a great sense of hope and joy that remind us ‘Keep going, you’re doing SUCH a great job!!’…Kind of awesome, huh?

When The Star appears in a reading I can’t help but smile the biggest of smiles the moment I see it. In fact, my excitement usually becomes a little too much for me and it spills over in to my clients. It is one of those cards that feels like that friend you can go years without speaking to, you see one another and all there is is pure love and excitement.

When this card appears in a reading I give myself, it acts as a reminder that I’m on track. The Universe is guiding me on the correct path, regardless of what is happening around me. When I feel down, or as if the world is coming against me and the Star appears, it acts as a beacon, shining on the supporting cards to help me figure out what is really happening.

Sometimes the revelation can be quite harsh, like a strong slap across ones face, and the Star is there to caress that slap and heal it with her waters. She’ll whisper to anyone who takes a moment to be silent ‘You are such a wonderful child. Continue your work. I’m here with you.’

When she is there to grant you your wish, you must remember that it is a no-strings attached wish. And the only caveat is it has to be a wish from your heart. A true wish, as I call it. You do not have to think about it, ask for it, or make these huge lists beating yourself up on “Do I ask for something selfish? Charitable? Money? Health?”–she takes care of it. She knows where your heart lies and she does not judge you for that; she is there to grant what is truly there.

Me oh my, I’ve gotten in to the ‘Most Exciting’ parts of this card, and I’ve forgotten to give you the back story.

In this card we see a bare-breasted woman pouring water from two seemingly endless jars. She is unashamed of being naked, and she is not at all concerned about running out of water. These are two aspects of the Aquarius sign. We (yes I’m an Aquarian) are a little (a lot?) relaxed with our nudity when we are comfortable. Doesn’t matter our body shape, we usually love our vessel (body) just as it is.

The pouring of the water is in representing the freedom of knowledge for all. We want to share (pour out?) our knowledge to anyone and everyone….sometimes whether you want it or not. I think it also makes us babble a lot as well since we are the water bearers, heehee.

The Star calls for us to remember that no matter what harsh turn life hands us, it is temporary and the Universe has not stopped looking out for us. She loves us and wants you to know you are not forsaken and your trials will pan out for the better. Keep going.

If you seek further insight in to this card, and how it might apply to you, come see me and I’d love to share her thoughts to you.

Happy wishing!

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Fool

the fool
by Shana


Let us take a look at The Fool. Considered the luckiest card in the deck, The Fool is number 0 in the major arcana and first of the deck. The image of this card shows us a young man with a small sack of belonging over his shoulder and a small dog, thought to be his guardian, at his feet. He is excited for his new journey and the adventures to come but maybe not always prepared for what is ahead. Nonetheless, he is carefree and moves into the world with nothing, therefore gaining everything.

The fool is utterly in the moment, something most of us have forgotten how to be. He appreciates the here and now, savoring, relishing and learning every step of the journey. His head held high, looking to the sky or Spirit while heading into the unknown. Being a little too in the moment, he forgets to look ahead and is about to walk himself off of a cliff. This is a nice little reminder for us to be present and enjoy what is going on directly around us, while keeping an eye on the future and path that we have embarked on.

Upright this card represents new beginnings, innocence, being free spirited and spontaneous. When pondering the future and this card pops up, just know that there is unlimited potential in the endeavors ahead and it’s time to start something new. Keep in mind that this journey or project will take you to new and unknown places, a road packed with lessons and personal growth.

He is telling us to be in the moment because so many times we go on autopilot throughout the day and breeze through many moments that we could have cherished, and often don’t pick up on subtle cues that could help us later on. Have fun, be curious and have faith that the Universe has something in store for you. The road may be bumpy but as long as you learn along that way and enjoy each moment to its highest potential you will reach a marvelous destination.

Inverted this card tells us that we may have tipped the scales too much, taking spontaneity to the extreme and turning it into recklessness. It’s time to take a step back and assess the situation and try to plan ahead before things become a little too messy. Take a moment to really think things through before making promises or taking action.

This card may also act as a word of caution for many social and work situations. Be aware of your surroundings and the people you are dealing with as your actions do come with strong consequences and there may be people around you that will take advantage if given the chance. Ask yourself what people’s intentions are, what they are getting out of it. If something seems too good to be true it probably is.

Tread lightly with friends and significant others, especially if the relationship appears to be rocky or strained in any way as things may shift and turn quite easily for the time being. Take time to really think about how your actions will affect the people around you and how it could change the outcome of what you are doing.

In all, The Fool is an amazing card showing us light hearted innocence, enjoyment and new beginnings. Be fully in the moment and take time to smell the flowers while keeping an eye on the road ahead of you.


Tarot Tuesday ~ The Tower

The Tower

by Vanina

A very powerful card to look at, one that predicts change in every single way. Most likely the change that you are resisting is the change that the Tower will bring: not a change so you will remain in despair or sadness, but one that will free your soul. Whatever you might be too attached to, the Tower will show you the way to non- resisting detachment. Again, it all depends on the circumstances of the issue. It’s a good/bad & the ugly way to freedom. Or as good as it gets, when you are expecting more…what goes up must come down…so make sure that on your way up it was nice, smooth and peaceful; perhaps on your way down you’ll find an elevator. Not a bad card; it just shows you changes that need to come before you either continue on the same path, but in better shape–or move on in to something even better. It all depends on the circumstances.

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Moon

The Moon Tarot Card by Giana Cicchelli

The Moon

I have always approached the moon tarot card with a bit of apprehension. Although my spiritual traditions revere the moon as a Goddess, and divine celestial energy, the apprehension I have felt has been towards what I have read about the moon card. If you were to google the moon tarot card the general words associated with it are: illusion, fantasy, something is being hidden, deceit, etc. These descriptors aren’t the type to make a person feel warm and fuzzy about their position, or about this supposed Goddess energy. I knew there was more to it, but I’ve generally just kept it at arms length with the overarching acceptance that the card means that not all the truths are on the table, someone is lying.

Now, currently the moon has come back up to be investigated further, specifically as I was in Italy recently and I pulled the Moon tarot card for a fun puppet project while I was there. I looked at it, and at the meanings that were then presented to me by the facilitator: feminine power, the divine mother, and magic. I held in the back of my mind the same apprehension that I have always felt, but I played along with the puppet project, and decided to take the meanings that the facilitator had presented. Maybe the Moon would reveal herself further to me in my experiences in Italy, and those experiences would redefine the meaning for me, or maybe I just needed to be aware that some truths were being withheld. As is true for most experiences in my life, all of the above was true, as well as the Moon showing me its magic.

In the week that followed I was taken on a journey of falling in love, participating in healing ceremonies, and visiting various black Madonnas, all while my spirit was in contact with the soil of my ancestors. So much magic! I felt blessed, and not too worried about the Moon tarot card. I figured I could ignore that I got that card, and just revel in the universe’s gifts. Well, hindsight would dictate that the universe’s gifts include the Moon card, and a new understanding therein.

When I returned home from Italy I began to learn the true magic of the Moon card. The romantic situation I had involved myself revealed some very important truths that had been kept hidden from me, thus the Moon card stood true to its meaning. I looked back at my time in Italy, and how I had pulled the Moon card, and let myself just sit in the revelation that I knew as soon as I had pulled the card that truths were being kept hidden.

If I let that be the end of my understanding of the Moon card, however, I would be doing myself, my experiences, and you dear reader, a great injustice. I continued to look up meanings of the Moon card to see what else presented itself. I referenced my first tarot book (that came with an accompanying deck), the Secret Tarot by Jane Lyle, and looked over her interpretation. One very important statement stood out: If involving a romantic relationship, be wary though you might feel the mutual infatuation, and the deep soul connection of true love, chances are you are under a spell, and it is not real. Eureka! This made complete sense to me, and to what had happened in Italy. Whoa!

That is not the end of the Moon card story though, because I knew that even though the truths had been kept hidden from me, and the true love story didn’t last, there was more. I sat down with Griffin, manager of the Green Man store in North Hollywood, to ask him what his take was on the card. What I took away from his explanation was that the Moon tarot is responsible for usurping order. In other words, the moon’s light is not its own, but rather a reflection of the sun, and the moon controls the tides, which means that the moon can create magic. The moon can open the doors to magic, to the other realm, and to shifting ones life. This was another eureka! moment. In my adventures in Italy I had hoped to heal my love. I kept my intention broad on purpose. In my life I have had many disappointments with love, and wanted to heal my heart from those experiences.

With Griffin telling me that the moon brings madness, chaos that disrupts order as a means of changing the direction of things, basically being a facilitator of magic at its core, and an opening to the realm between the worlds, I was able to fully understand my experiences in Italy. The ceremonies that we had participated in created a form of chaos in each of our lives, and allowed for the magic of healing to be facilitated. In my particular life story I have never been able to say what my needs were, I was never able to stand in my truth in a love relationship and say, “No, this is what I need.” I have always bent my needs to the needs of others. This lesson was finally learned with the help of the moon. Bringing about the magic spell of a true love story that had all the ingredients for a joyful relationship except for my needs being met, and a foundation of truth, gave me an opportunity to learn my lesson. The moon changed the trajectory of my own personal order, which was not actually healthy for me, and allowed me the experience of reclaiming (or maybe claiming for the first time) my truth, and standing in it. I was under a spell, a spell of healing my love, and for that I am grateful to the moon, and the Moon tarot card.

The Moon creates a crossroads, a space between the worlds, for one to stand in their truth and create magic. It is at this place that we must trust our guts (or intuition) and stand in the knowledge that we carry because the moon also says that not all the cards are on the table, but you know your cards, and you must stand strong in their truth. The moon calls you to be brave, to heed her calling and venture between the worlds, and in this space to commune with the very core of who you are. Are you ready to change trajectories? It’s an amazing, wonderful ride if you’re willing to be brave enough to embark on the journey.

Blessed Be, and Hayaya!

Faery Friday ~ The Awakening of the Dark Faeries

The Awakening of the Dark Faerie

 by Elysia, The Naughty Faery

So, Samhain is just around the corner, Mercury is in Retrograde, it’s a Full Moon, AND it’s an Eclipse!?!? Oh dear, are we feeling a bit overwhelmed right now!?!? Not to mention, people who have very limited sight now are seeing things more than before, often out of the corner of their eye. Do you think it’s a coincidence that there are more ghost stories and ghost hunts happening around this time of year? Now I’m here to tell you that the Dark Faery are stirring up around you as well. Yah, those little dark shadows that you have been seeing out of the corner of your eyes for the past couple of weeks? Nope, you’re not going crazy—well, not in regards to this anyway–and if you are going crazy, here is an excuse at the very least. But more than likely it’s the Dark Faeries, often called the Unseelie. Some can be ghosts or spirits, sure, but the darting ones are often Fae. Now for some folks this might get their hackles up because of the unsavory labels that have been put on Dark Faery/Unseelie over time. Are they easy faeries to deal with? Honestly, what faery IS!?! Seriously, many people have just wanted to deal with the Seelie, or the Light Faeries. I have news for you, they are just as bad. On a good day, the Seelie will show you all of your potential and the beautiful things you have to look forward to. They help nurture the plants of Spring to awaken and thrive, some all the way through summer. They often watch over the new promising souls who have entered during these times as well, whispering, singing, and watching. On a bad day, they can get bored with you and lead you on a wild goose chase to nowhere, leaving you frustrated, or you could start to feel like you are being poked and prodded by those little demons that you see pictured with the Devil himself, with the little pitchforks, poking and prodding the poor soul, with utter glee. I’m telling you, stay on those guys’ good sides! While the Dark Faery, or Unseelie, can be quite naughty themselves, they are the shadow workers, telling you that sure, you have much potential, but look at all of the crap that you have to learn to navigate through in order to get to it!?!? You didn’t think that your potential came for free did you? Well, claiming it doesn’t, just thinking about it does. But what fun is it to just think about it? Seeing all of the things that one has to still work on is not an easy thing. More often than not it’s something that many of us avoid or shy away from because it makes us uncomfortable. Think of the Dark Fae as the Bouncers to your potential. Work through certain issues you have personally and they will open a new door for you. Keep avoiding these things and you often will get shoved back into a new scenario where you are yet again faced with the same issue, just in a slightly new way. The more you push it aside the worse the scenario can become. Now will they get bored with you like the Light Faeries? Sure; however, unlike the Light Faeries, the Dark Fae will just ignore you and go about their more important jobs, like marking the souls for their next journey—helping to prepare for the big Faery Gathering where both energies of fae come together to hold open the gates for these souls to go through. Yup, you guessed it, they are the Gatekeepers and the Key Masters of transition. Oh there is a whole joke in there, I know, but I digress. The Fae are the mediators of the Thresholds of Fate, Death, Life, and many other Realms.


How to navigate through the Dark Faeries time. It’s not hard really. Just address your personal issues, and I mean REALLY address them. Dig deep. If many people have been telling you the same thing over and over about what they feel is an issue that they have with you, hey, it might be worth looking into. If you have a pattern that you keep repeating over and over again with money, love, relationships or friendships, heck, even dietary things, it may be worth it to dig into to find out why. You’ll see when the door opens; it’s quite an amazing feeling really. Be careful with egos however. Egos are meant to be a part of us, but when they become too out of control you WILL topple off of the top of the pedestal that you have put yourself on. And if you are in a situation where there is a high possibility of faeries being around, yah, they might just kick it down too. Even if there are others who put you on that pedestal, it is up to you to navigate how to balance it out. Giving back to those around you helps. Find the other areas around you that need help and genuinely give back. In many cases it is as simple as that. And above all, give back to any and all of your guides, guardians and yes the faeries, for progressing you through the phases you have made it through so far. For the Faeries I always recommend BOOZE! It’s not quite as nasty as other things to dispose of if they leave leftovers. Milk and Honey are a great alternative, but only outside. Seriously don’t want to invite the ants and really the smell of spoiled milk is just not necessary. Sweets and sparkly things are always great, but I like to bury them in the garden, treasures for them to find.


So Head up and Faery on! Your potential is yours to claim, you just have to do the work to get it….

Witchy Wednesday ~ The Faeries’ view on Prosperity

by Elysia, The Naughty Faery

Prosperity is much more than the monetary bond we place upon it.  It affects not only the money you receive, but the money you spend and how frequently you both receive and send it out.  One thing that most rarely take into consideration about prosperity is that it is a living breathing entity.  Prosperity is as much of an aspect of nature as the trees, plants & even the ground beneath you.  The energy around you effects HOW you receive prosperity in all of its forms.  Block love in any of its forms and you are blocking prosperity.  Block creativity, you are blocking prosperity.  Faeries encourage you to contribute to the flow of prosperity by giving as well as receiving.  Find the balance between the two and watch the doors open up around you.  Sometimes it takes work to get into the habit of doing this.  When you feel prosperity slowing, be sure that you pay extra attention to the things you are NOT doing.  Are you purging yourself of the things that you don’t use?  Possibly someone else around you can use this.  Give clothes that you don’t wear to thrift stores, Goodwill or other places who distribute clothing for those in need.  If you have broken things in your home, this may represent a leak or a break in your prosperity flow as well.  In other words, FIX them and if you can’t fix them, replace them.  Be careful when you have too many dried flowers or things that were formerly living as decorations in your environment; they can represent to the faeries endings, death, and holding on to the past.  So how do you get around this?  I personally have artwork on the walls of my house using tree branches, and I know more than one person who has dried flowers from past bouquets given to them that they cherish and hold dear.  Breathe new life into these items.  The branches on my wall are such a focal point that they get new energy every time someone looks at them.  They represent a doorway or a portal to another realm that I hold very near and dear to me.  The dried flowers I would suggest taking the petals and infusing them into incenses, or double infuse perfumes for yourself.  Remembering the love and intention that you received when you received the flowers fresh.  Find other ways to breathe new life into items that are decorations.  Your only limitation is the depth of your own imagination.

With all that being said here is a suggestion of how you can encourage money growth and protect the money that you do have on a daily basis.


Prosperity Bowl

You will need:

  • a bowl
  • A small/medium sized clear crystal
  • Sea Salt
  • Wheat, Oats or Sesame Seeds (whole)
  • Woodruff (crushed)
  • Cinnamon (powdered)
  • Pennyroyal (crushed)
  • Caraway (whole)
  • Orange Oil (a dram should work)

Mix together Sea Salt, Wheat (or Oats or Sesame Seeds), woodruff, cinnamon, pennyroyal, caraway together.  While mixing picture your guides and the faeries around you flowing money to you.  Think of your bank account never getting below a certain amount (don’t be greedy, but be realistic too). Fold in the Orange Oil and picture as money goes out, money comes back in to replace it while you mix well.  Place in a bowl with the crystal in the center of it all and place in an area where the sun will hit it at least once a day.

Naughty Faery Creations © 2009

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Devil

The Devil“The Devil”

by Elizabeth Bissette

The “Devil” tends to scare folks. Like “Death”, the card usually provokes an immediate, negative reaction. But, is that totally fair? Is the “Devil’s” appearance in a reading really a harbinger of evil and mayhem?

Not necessarily.

Alone, the card most often represents something or someone that has an unfair degree of control: for example, a person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. It can also indicate an abusive person or relationship. If the “Devil” is drawn, it’s definitely not a lighthearted matter. However, like all other cards, the “Devil”’s meaning is influenced by the cards around it. These can amplify or lessen the card’s negativity.

In most decks, the “Devil” mirrors the “Lovers” card. Both are generally taken to mean there is a choice at hand. In the case of the “Lovers” the choice can be between two different people. With the “Devil” it is usually the choice of leaving the controlling substance or situation.

In my deck, the Devil towers over two people in chains. They are not chained to him/her, however. (The figure is not distinctly male or female but a combination of the two). They are chained to one another (and possibly to the pedestal the Devil stands on; it’s not clear). They don’t seem particularly upset about  their situation. In fact, they are smiling. Their hands are behind their backs but are not necessarily tied. If you look closely, the impression they leave is that they’re content and able to untie themselves whenever they choose.

The pair are not so much the Devil’s prisoners as minions. The figure’s bat wings, tails and claw feet make a slightly sinister image but the only thing really frightening or evil about the card is the name.

So: what, beyond choice and control, does the “Devil” mean in a reading? Is it always something negative? No. He also represents sexuality, passion, insight and attraction. Depending on his position and the surrounding cards, he can also indicate the positive aspects of taking control of things.

So, if the “Devil” turns up in your cards, don’t despair. Instead, examine your behavior and the people around you. Do you need to let go of some things? Of some substances? Of unhealthy relationships? If you look at the card closely and listen to the message it carries, it could be the one that leads you to the most positive changes of all.

Freaky Friday ~ As Within So Without: Changing Your Karmic Stars!

With Griffin Ced, Sept 26th 2014

Wheel of Fortune by Hortus Deliciarum

As Within So Without: Changing Your Karmic Stars!

As Above So Below is an axiom many of us are familiar with. But what does it actually mean?  What comes of embracing such a cosmic concept?  To me it means: as it is written in the Stars of Fate Above, So shall it be Below on Earth.  Is this not a statement that we are bound by Destiny as laid out by Dame Fate, by our Gods…Written in the Stars to be read by Occultists, Seers, Astrologers, those who know how to read the Heavenly language of Fate?  I am on board with this form of Divine Order, but only as it shows the tracks of Fate that lead us upon the path of least resistance…the predisposition of Spirit & Cosmic Tides as they will enact upon us and push us down a certain path.  But the question for us who make magic is: are we bound to our Destiny, the Authority of Fate?  Is not the making of Magic, the turning of Fate…rewriting of the Stars?

If I were to accept, embrace, believe in and endorse something outside of myself as holding definitive Authority and Power over me, then I would be bound by Fate.  But I can bring change to the quality of my own Spirit by Will.  And then being in a different state, I can shift the quality of spirit in the Cosmos about me.  I can change the world by taking responsibility for my cosmos and shaping it.  My Spirit can become contagious and infect the quality of the world about me and finally the expression of Dame Fate herself!  The principle of As Within, So Without can change our karmic stars of Fate.

For most folks in the west, Karma is seen as being the consequence of one’s actions.  What goes around coGolden Ladder of Hapsburg Ancestorsmes around.  Yes, by our actions we become the architects of our reality.  I am good with this interpretation of Karma as long as it does not become binding.  But, like Destiny, Karma can be viewed as being both binding and inviolable.  Going to the root culture of Karma: when I was in India, it was explained to me that people cannot convert to Hinduism because if it was their Karma to be Hindu, they would have been born Hindu.  If a person were to convert, where in the Caste System would they be placed?  As Karma is the base concept upon which the Caste system is founded, one cannot change the Caste one is born into; it is your Karma that placed you there.  I realized that Karma in that system cannot be changed, and politically it brings a resignation and acceptance of social standing to millions of Hindus.  This marriage of Caste and Karma serves a similar political agenda as one I grew up with in Britain.  Being born into a working class family meant I should learn my predestined place and accept it.  Well, that didn’t go down well for me back then and still doesn’t!  I do not bend the knee to the definitive bindings of Fate or Karma, though I see and respect both as worthy adversaries.

So then, how to battle Fate?  Well, I am a lover not a fighter, so I choose to woo Dame Fate, change the music and lead her in the dance on occasion–something I learned from my Spirit Father Cerne!  How do you do that?  By changing the quality of your Spirit within and sharing your heart with the world about you!  Live as you have the world to be!  Embrace the tides of change and the great adventure of life that brings never-ending evolution and insight!

We may not be able to change the length of our lifespan, but we can change the quality of it, the experience of it.  We can even increase the experience of time within the framework of time itself.

he Choice of Hercules by Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665)

As Within, So Without also means that how we treat others affects the quality of our own Spirit as we create the world we live in from within our true core.  People spending their time and energy pulling others down rather than engaging in the art of co-creation, end up living in the cosmos of their own making, built from the inside out.

Looking for the answer to life, magic, power or control as something to be found outside of oneself is where we lose our way. We live in a time of accessible information on any subject we seek.  The whole idea that simply being in possession of secret mystical information brings status is frankly amusing… if not a wee bit baffling!  Yet wagging that carrot is still commonly used to manipulate. Over the years I have found that even when wanting students to grasp simple core mysteries, I just can’t give them away!  I often call the process of teaching the Craft “the Art of passing and receiving what cannot be given.”  You could put all the gems of Art into the lap of a seeker and it would not serve them one iota!  But a person who shifts their awareness to where they truly grasp what they hold within, will inherit a Cosmos of Mysteries, given by Self to Self.

In my book we need to look to the leaders and teachers that inspire people to live free, to think and to love and to make magic that serves some real purpose.

Copyright: Griffin Ced  9/26/2014