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Freaky Friday ~ As Within So Without: Changing Your Karmic Stars!

With Griffin Ced, Sept 26th 2014

Wheel of Fortune by Hortus Deliciarum

As Within So Without: Changing Your Karmic Stars!

As Above So Below is an axiom many of us are familiar with. But what does it actually mean?  What comes of embracing such a cosmic concept?  To me it means: as it is written in the Stars of Fate Above, So shall it be Below on Earth.  Is this not a statement that we are bound by Destiny as laid out by Dame Fate, by our Gods…Written in the Stars to be read by Occultists, Seers, Astrologers, those who know how to read the Heavenly language of Fate?  I am on board with this form of Divine Order, but only as it shows the tracks of Fate that lead us upon the path of least resistance…the predisposition of Spirit & Cosmic Tides as they will enact upon us and push us down a certain path.  But the question for us who make magic is: are we bound to our Destiny, the Authority of Fate?  Is not the making of Magic, the turning of Fate…rewriting of the Stars?

If I were to accept, embrace, believe in and endorse something outside of myself as holding definitive Authority and Power over me, then I would be bound by Fate.  But I can bring change to the quality of my own Spirit by Will.  And then being in a different state, I can shift the quality of spirit in the Cosmos about me.  I can change the world by taking responsibility for my cosmos and shaping it.  My Spirit can become contagious and infect the quality of the world about me and finally the expression of Dame Fate herself!  The principle of As Within, So Without can change our karmic stars of Fate.

For most folks in the west, Karma is seen as being the consequence of one’s actions.  What goes around coGolden Ladder of Hapsburg Ancestorsmes around.  Yes, by our actions we become the architects of our reality.  I am good with this interpretation of Karma as long as it does not become binding.  But, like Destiny, Karma can be viewed as being both binding and inviolable.  Going to the root culture of Karma: when I was in India, it was explained to me that people cannot convert to Hinduism because if it was their Karma to be Hindu, they would have been born Hindu.  If a person were to convert, where in the Caste System would they be placed?  As Karma is the base concept upon which the Caste system is founded, one cannot change the Caste one is born into; it is your Karma that placed you there.  I realized that Karma in that system cannot be changed, and politically it brings a resignation and acceptance of social standing to millions of Hindus.  This marriage of Caste and Karma serves a similar political agenda as one I grew up with in Britain.  Being born into a working class family meant I should learn my predestined place and accept it.  Well, that didn’t go down well for me back then and still doesn’t!  I do not bend the knee to the definitive bindings of Fate or Karma, though I see and respect both as worthy adversaries.

So then, how to battle Fate?  Well, I am a lover not a fighter, so I choose to woo Dame Fate, change the music and lead her in the dance on occasion–something I learned from my Spirit Father Cerne!  How do you do that?  By changing the quality of your Spirit within and sharing your heart with the world about you!  Live as you have the world to be!  Embrace the tides of change and the great adventure of life that brings never-ending evolution and insight!

We may not be able to change the length of our lifespan, but we can change the quality of it, the experience of it.  We can even increase the experience of time within the framework of time itself.

he Choice of Hercules by Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665)

As Within, So Without also means that how we treat others affects the quality of our own Spirit as we create the world we live in from within our true core.  People spending their time and energy pulling others down rather than engaging in the art of co-creation, end up living in the cosmos of their own making, built from the inside out.

Looking for the answer to life, magic, power or control as something to be found outside of oneself is where we lose our way. We live in a time of accessible information on any subject we seek.  The whole idea that simply being in possession of secret mystical information brings status is frankly amusing… if not a wee bit baffling!  Yet wagging that carrot is still commonly used to manipulate. Over the years I have found that even when wanting students to grasp simple core mysteries, I just can’t give them away!  I often call the process of teaching the Craft “the Art of passing and receiving what cannot be given.”  You could put all the gems of Art into the lap of a seeker and it would not serve them one iota!  But a person who shifts their awareness to where they truly grasp what they hold within, will inherit a Cosmos of Mysteries, given by Self to Self.

In my book we need to look to the leaders and teachers that inspire people to live free, to think and to love and to make magic that serves some real purpose.

Copyright: Griffin Ced  9/26/2014

Witchy Wednesday ~ Animal Messages


by Monica

It’s just another normal morning and you switch on the TV as you’re getting ready for work. There’s a commercial about a little lizard.  As you leave home and walk to your car, a lizard runs in front of you.  When you drive to work you glance up, only to notice a billboard with a lizard on it.  At work, thumbing through a magazine in full blooming color, you guessed it: there’s an article about lizards. And if you haven’t noticed by now, lizards are appearing just for you all day. The thing that finally makes you start to make a connection is when you go shopping at the end of the day, and the shirt you buy has a lizard logo.  Now it ignites a thought.  Why are you seeing all these lizards?  What does this mean?  This can be considered a coincidence, but actually the animals are nudging you with a message.  You do some research; you discover what the lizard is trying to tell you. One of the lessons of the lizard is detachment.  What is it that you need to let go of?  Take heed of the messages of the animals.  From my experience I can tell you that they never lie.  If you step back and look at your circumstances, you can find that their messages can bring clarity and help with various situations presently in your life.  So the next time a certain animal keeps appearing , don’t ignore it–explore what messages they have for you.

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Hanged Man

By Jason

“Oh boy, there’s my life being hung out to dry again…!”

hanged man wizards tarot

What I love about the Wizard Tarot deck is that the imagery is gentle and not meant to paralyze querents, but put them in a positive flow with their journey.

This deck depicts the Hanged Man as Odin, father of the Norse gods, sitting with his two messenger birds Hugin and Munin. An exact image of the scene is depicted in a recursive portrait on the wall, albeit hanging upside down. There is a stained-glass window of Runes in the background.

hanged man wizards tarot full

In Norse Mythology, Odin sacrificed himself upon the World Tree for 9 days, and in the end was gifted the Runes, the written language. So the idea of sacrificing oneself for a higher ideal plays into this card.

When the Hanged Man appears in a reading, I like to explore the sacrifice that is being made, and what one is looking to get as a reward. We all know that you have to make sacrifices to get what you want, be it money, time, a long-term commitment, etc….

Are you sacrificing time away from your friends to spend time with someone new? Your boyfriend moves in with you, are you wondering what is going to happen to your freedom? Are you asked to travel for work, which could mean spending more time away from family?

All of these actions have potential rewards. Looking at it through Spirit-Mind-Body alignment can help one in staying focused.

Spirit fuels your goals,
Mind forms a plan of action,
Body acts out the plan in the physical realm.

Keeping these channels clear is essential in moving forward in your life.

Sometimes querents are not aware of where their actions are taking them, only that they must take action. The Hebrew letter on this card is Mem which symbolizes “Water.” This touches upon diving below the surface to reveal subconscious desire. The card is also ruled by Neptune, the planet of Mysticism, the hidden parts of life that come out through dreams and intuition.

What have your dreams and intuition been telling you lately? Feelings of suspension or stagnation can set in when one loses sight of the goal or no longer taps into spirit to keep you pointed in the direction that you first set off in.

Is your original sacrifice aligned with your current goal? Perhaps it’s time to come in and ask the Wizard Tarot about where you’re at and what rewards are in store for you.

Freaky Friday ~ Magic and Karma: Keeping your magical nose clean!

With Griffin Ced, Sept 19th 2014

Magic and Karma: Keeping your magical nose clean!

People who know me will likely chuckle at this title, as I am known not to be a fan of karma as some may view it.  But let’s say for here, Karma represents simply the consequence of one’s actions and leave it at that. In the Practical Magic class earlier this week, I got into the spooky area of Poppets in magic–something very often associated with baneful Black Magic.  But there are many positive uses for fetishes such as poppets, dolls, and such.  To be completely clear, in my practice I consider any magic that is aimed at usurping the Free Will of another crosses the line into what I call Black Magic.  It is not a question of Good or Bad Intentions.  It is not really a Moral issue.  Black Magic can, on occasion, be done for good and defendable reasons.  However, regardless of the reasons or intentions, using magic and/or spirit to override a person’s free will and ability to choose for themself, is an act of Black Magic and will potentially kick back unseen consequences and coin upon those who cross this line.  Even petitioning the Gods, which I call Clerical Magic, falls into this category. So taken to the extreme, you could view a Christian praying for a person to come to Jesus, or to change their beliefs, behavior or orientation, as a practice of Black Magic!  Finding clarity in where this line lies regarding the liberty of others, and being mindful of this, keeps us safer in our magical practices. For isn’t it said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions!


On a kindred note, this coming weekend is the Autumn Equinox.  It’s one of those Sabbath Festivals that many folks find confusing.  There are so many legitimate ways of approaching this Sabbath, depending upon which path you are aligned with.  But for those who are still looking to make a connection with this holiday, let me offer you my take.

We as Magical Practitioners are constantly working to turn the hand of Fate, to unseat the Divine Cosmic Order in relation to some particular matter of our choosing.  We use our Free Will and Magical Knowhow to deliberately change reality to align with our desire.  Consequently this practice of Magic divides us from being in accordance with Divine Order or Will.  This is a simple fact of our actions.  We either bend to Fate as it presents itself or we work Magic to undermine the order of Fate as it presents.

The Fates

So then the pertinent question comes down to…To what end do we work our Magic? Do we serve our base desires and whims and possibly bring the world about us into anarchy and drama?  Or are we wielding our Magic to evolve ourselves, our being and Spirit?  Are we serving our limited banal agendas or are we looking to become Co-Creators with our Gods and Spirits to bring harmony and evolution to our Cosmos? If it’s this last option that speaks to you, then the Autumn Equinox is an opportunity to reconcile the connection and accord between you and your Gods, to bridge the divide that making magic may have brought about.  For me, the Autumn Equinox is a time when I cleanse the ways between my Gods and myself.  I cleanse my Temple, my tools, and all aspects of my Spirit…bringing any discord between myself and my Gods and Spirits back into Virtue and harmony.

So this weekend, celebrate and embrace the Bliss of Spirit and if nothing else, celebrate your relationship with your Gods!  If you want to share this celebration with those of like mind, come to The Green Man Saturday evening for a Beautiful Druid Ritual Celebration of this Sabbath!

Copyright: Griffin Ced  9/19/2014


Tarot Tuesday ~ Death

Death of the Major Arcana by Kapua


One of my favorite cards in the Tarot, “Death” was always a close friend of mine in a number of ways–but that’s my personal story and one to be told another time. In tarot, as is so often and commonly the case, people tend to react immediately with concern or fear. While it’s true that the Death card can sometimes indicate an actual death, most readers will probably not see it anyway because, let’s face it–none of us is omniscient, nor are readers an authority on who lives or dies…so if you do see Death in your cards, please refrain from panicking. :)

Death is generally associated with endings, and endings with sadness–but an ending is not always indicative of the ending. Anyone who studies tarot (or has at least had enough readings to know) knows that the Death card almost always indicates a form of transformation. This, obviously can be a very good thing–especially if you find yourself stuck in a pattern or simply stuck altogether.

I see this card as a form of completion and the promise of a new beginning. Whether I think I’m ready for it or not, a cycle in my life is ending and a new cycle is beginning. If you can build a comfortable relationship with Death you may then see how positively it can serve you. Through the Death card I see (or at least try to see) an opportunity to learn and grow. I feel that it tends to be one of the more forgiving cards of the Major Arcana because even in the face of what appears to be bad news, you know that with Death there can also be a silver lining.

I realize that it also depends on what other cards are surrounding it, but let’s face it–all endings are followed by beginnings… we simply need to be open to the possibilities.

Celebrate this Major Arcana card and ask Death what it can offer you.

(*The Death card in the photo is from The Star (Major Arcana) Tarot Deck by Cathy McClelland; it was one of the first of two tarot decks that I started to work with and still one of my favorite decks to this day.)

Hearth & Home Faeries

 by Elysia, The Naughty Faery

Elysia 01

No magickal home can exist without the Faeries of Hearth & Home because faeries are attracted to those who have that special spark, be it a thirst for knowledge or even a special magical spark.  These faeries’ inner drive is to help, teach, guide, & yes even join in on natural magical occurrences that happen in your home, so why not put them to work?  Since faeries are so universally found in all cultures why wouldn’t you use them?  Because someone told you they were “bad”?  Because you read in some book that working with faeries is a call for disaster?  Hmmm… well I will say that working with them is never easy. Faeries, especially those who roam during the dark times call upon you to really own up to all that you do, who you are, even the parts of you that you don’t want to see or acknowledge about yourself.  But what are some of the ways that you could put to work the faeries that hang out in your home?  I mean do you LIKE when they steal your keys, special papers, earrings, socks, or whatever you happen to be frantically looking for at a time when you desperately need it?  Some of you may even hear the little buggers giggling as you look for these items too.  They’re bored.  Wouldn’t you if you were constantly waiting for someone to live up to their potential & continually didn’t?  It would be frustrating, wouldn’t it?  Faeries at work are usually happiest.  Remember they are energetic beings who can change the energy of things very drastically.  You can set them at your doorways to make sure that any energy that passes through your doorway is beneficial & necessary.  Any unwanted baggage is left at the door ready for someone to pick up when they walk back through it.  You can have them assist you in keeping your home clean & tidy, especially before guests come.  They are wonderful motivators when you put them to task this way & watch out if you don’t pay attention; some of their bites leave marks.  Don’t have a lot of time to spend with your animals?  Faeries can make the best buddies for them.  Not only will they protect them (& make sure you add that in with your charm otherwise you’ll have wandering animals all the time), but they will make sure that your animals are exercised & are the first to tell you when one is sick or in need of assistance.  I have a 30 lb cat who constantly needs to be exercised.  Once I did the animal faery charm on him I began to notice him playing more & he started to look like he was actually losing some weight.  Best of all, faeries assisting in your home when used properly can help you raise the energy of any working.  I’m not saying that they are easy to live with, but I will say that I can no longer imagine a home of mine without them.

A Faery Animal Charm

Items you will need:

  • 2 feet of ribbon in one or various colors
  • Some small charms, beads, &/or other small items that can be knotted into the ribbon
  • A dram of an oil blend of Peach, peppermint (or Rosemary), raspberry, lavender & sage
  1. Take a piece of colorful thread or ribbon about 2 feet in length.  Whatever color or colors come to mind when you think of your specific animal.  You can use multiple strands as well; you might like the effect if you do too.
  1. Fold the ribbon in half & tie a knot at the top so that you have a loop to hang it by.
  1. Now take the individual strands hanging & knot them periodically along each strand.  You can add beads & charms that remind you of your animal too.  Be imaginative!  Don’t be too exact with it all, sometimes the faeries will take the tokens as payment.
  1. Now rub the oil mixture into your ribbon all the while thinking of your pet & simply asking for the right faery for this pet to step forward.  When you feel the ribbon start to get warm you know that the right energy has been added.
  1. Hang the ribbon up in a prominent place in your home & every time you feed your pet be sure to thank their faery protector too.


Threshold Faery Activation

Items you will need:

A statue, plaque, picture or mirror that you feel has good “Watcher” energy






Sea Salt

Sprinkle mixture along each threshold of each door &/or window leading outside of your personal space.  While sprinkling the herbs ask that the energies needed stay in while the baggage energy stay out.  Picture it in your mind how you think it would look.  Place a picture, statue or plaque that you feel will make a good “watcher” of that area.  Personally I love to have something that appears to be blowing kisses or something at the doorway.  It seems to be a more polite way of keeping out energy that isn’t productive to you or your home when others walk through the door.  I sometimes use mirrors to reflect energy back at whoever walks through also just to watch their reactions.  I’ve found that those whose intentions are true & non-combative have no issue & walk on by without notice, but those who are more combative or have “negative” intentions seem get nervous when they walk through the door.

  To some these steps may seem silly, but the more you believe, the more you step outside of yourself & your comfort zone, the more in touch with faeries you are.

~Elysia A. Hays©2009~

Witch Wednesdays ~ Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids

by Hovik

Crystal grids and healing sets are groups of stones that go together for a purpose. Sets of crystals and stones are used for ritual magical or spiritual crystal healing purposes or with Reiki. Some are generalized and others have specific purposes.

crystal grid

There are a number of ways to arrange crystals to achieve different results. The most simple way is to look at basic geometric shapes.

  • The circle is a great shape for healing or protection.
  • The square is great to use when you want to manifest something.
  • The Triangle is a great one to use when you need to focus energy.
  • The diamond shape is another great one for manifestation, but it’s a little more intense because you have the principal of as above so below in the shape.
  • Rectangles are a good shape to use for grounding or stability.
  • A very powerful shape is the star. It can be used for success, manifestation, balance, or to change a situation.

There is no set grouping of stones to use for a crystal grid. These are some suggestions, but the sky is the limit!

Some common stones to keep around for grid work are :

  • Clear quartz
  • Meteorite
  • Citrine
  • Rose quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Pyrite
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Selenite is especially good because it acts as a generator or charger to increase the energy.

Setting up a crystal grid is simple and very fun.  Repeating patterns of stones is a good way to create a current.  Using a clear quartz enclosure with a large center stone for a particular energy is also another interesting way to set up a grid.  Most of the time crystal grids remain stationary either on a flat surface or upon a person’s body when receiving healing.  Symmetry and patterns are what help raise the energy and channel the current.

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Lovers

“Oh, show me the LOVERS card please when I come in for my read!”

by Tracey Brown

Does he love me?

In almost any question pertaining to love it’s almost a requirement to get the “Lovers” card. Especially if you have included in the spread other cards like the “Two of Cups” and/or “Four Wands” and/or “Three of Cups” and what is especially important is the “ACE OF CUPS.”

The “LOVERS” card is the one card that lets the querent know that everything’s moving in the right direction. It means that you and your partner have a special connection and bond and that no one can come between. It is a card of feeling satisfied and comfortable and secure. It the one card that lets you know that that it is safe to trust your partner, and trust to the fullest extend. It really means that everything’s gonna be all right.

Here it is:
With the LOVERS card, there is Angel watching over this union, or more importantly, that this pairing has been “Divinely” guided. In my Tarot, there is a lovely Asian woman waving her fairy dust to ensure that these two are merged together as one under the clouds of the Heavens above.

The Lovers

It means commitment, engagement, and of course marriage. It means preparing to extend that family tree.
It means getting ready to jump the broom and the need to make that decision because life has changed forever! It means that this person has arrived in your life. It means you’re ready and so is your partner, that if there’s a decision out there about wanting to take the next step in the stairs of togetherness, it’s ok to want it and it’s ok to rise up and climb those steps together.

Take that leap of faith, that faith that resonates with your core beliefs, and have no fear because fear has no room in this process. Go tell your Daddy and your Momma: I FOUND WHAT I WANTED and choose to enjoy the new level of greatness!

Oh, show me the “Lovers” card please when I come in for my read,
I’ve been waiting a long time for me to see.
That this person that I question about
Will leave me no doubt,
I must know what you see for me,
Can I possibly believe?
Happiness I want, tell me dear psychic, say what is here,
Is there “LOVE” in the air?

The Dawning of a New Day, New Year

“The Dawning of a New Day, New Year”

a blog post from Scarlet Korvina

So! I think most of us are aware now that this New Year, January 1, 2014 presents to us a most auspicious alignment with the New Moon! In and of itself, this is a rare and wonderful occurrence when the start of a new annual cycle is blessed with the energy of planting new seeds representing the harmony of our conscious intentions and subconscious needs.

But digging a little deeper, this New Year/New Moon has a powerhouse of additional planetary energy combined with it that I wanted to make sure you were all aware of! I don’t normally post images of the charts I’m referencing but for this one, OH YEAH! If you’re fluent in the language of astrology, the visual alone will make sense to you on sight as it did for me when my deeply respected friend and astrologer, Maja D’Aoust, initially showed it to me and my jaw hit the floor!! But I don’t think you have to be proficient in astrology at all to recognize the giant red square formation with a red cross in the middle to conclude that such an event might be ‘significant.’

In “astrologese”, the formation is referred to as a Grand Cross which is basically the penultimate climax of the square aspect. Where as two planets at a 90 degree angle on their own form one square, here we have FOUR planets at 90 degrees to each other and two pairs opposing each other to form the ‘cross’; so in total four squares and two oppositions.

Translation? Squares and oppositions create tension and the intense pull for much needed action. As with all transits, this action can be self-initiated or thrust upon us by some external situation working as a catalyst.

In this particular Grand Cross, the players are JUPITER, MARS, PLUTO, and URANUS!! Yeah. God of growth and expansion, God of aggression, drive, and war, God of the underworld and soul change, with the God of primordial chaos and revolution… all squaring off at the same party.

Just let that sink in for a minute…. I’ll wait.

(The final scene of “Reservoir Dogs” comes to mind… )

So with that, I could caution you all to moderate whatever measures you take to initiate your liberation from whatever you have felt restricted by. For some that may be self-imposed limitations and defeating beliefs that we project onto our outside structure that we ourselves created but now feel too confined by. Others may be fighting to finally own their courage and voice to live as their hearts dictate. And still some may encounter one of the more negative expressions of this energy; actual oppression or domination by some over zealous authority. If the latter is the case, your best bet is to safeguard and stand firm against the abuse with all you have and exercise any opportunities you have to literally LEAVE the situation when you can. Whatever looms on your personal horizon, I feel there’s little chance of things NOT coming to a head! This is pivotal ground we’re walking on. And in truth, taking the steps necessary to rebirth ourselves into a new awareness of being is the most positive expression of all this energy and right on point with what it intends to do. I find it no surprise that I keep seeing memes echoing exactly this vibration!


But there’s always a potential downside to steer clear of and with the particular aforementioned Gods, I’d advise you to be aware that the push toward expansive growth can backfire if done with rash abandon or the power you wish to own is not rightly ours to take. Pluto can be especially harsh with his lessons when power is used for manipulation and control. So whether you’re applying your efforts on the mundane plane or you’re one of the metaphysically inclined planning to shift some serious energy tonight, take the time out to think it through! A shift is inevitable so there is no need to rush, push, or act on impulse. You are not likely to let anyone stand in your way, and that’s fine, but remember that you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar. If you can find a way to allow others you must work with in order to make the journey toward your goals smoother – (ESPECIALLY those who hold authority over you) – see that you also have their interests in mind rather than being entirely self-serving, the better your odds of aligning your collective universe to a common will and the better your chances of success!

But thank all that’s Divine and holy that helping us engage the much needed temperance and perspective to consider the long term ramifications of our actions is SATURN!! With his placement in Scorpio in a harmonious trine aspect to Jupiter, Saturn combines with Jupiter to bless our forward strides with stability and endurance. (This is one of the wonderful times that I get to point out praise for Saturn!!! He gets such a bad rap so I truly enjoy the moments when I can promote his attributes. J) Indeed, Saturn may be our strongest saving grace to help us take a serious account of ourselves and thereby save us from finally gifting that one special person an out-of-the-blue high five… in the face.. with a chair. It’s not worth the baggage you’ll undoubtedly bring with you in the New Year and remember, this is about shedding, freeing, and letting go so drop that past and walk onward and away!

My last bit of advice isn’t meant to instill fear because more often than not, physical manifestations of the energies don’t seem to come to pass but given that this is holiday particularly given to drinking and potentially altered judgment with lots of travel in between, BE CAREFUL out there!!!! Uranus opposing Mars can mean sudden accidents in one’s mobility so by all means, LIVE YOUR LIFE but consider this as just a head’s up that there is an extra bit of energy in the air to give the right circumstances the push they need to blossom! So don’t.

So on that note, I wish you all a blessed start to this new year. It would be by delight to see you all joyful and truly coming into your own as directed by your highest good! Follow your bliss and may it serve and fulfill you completely! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <3

(*P.S. I found some great additional tips to help usher in the changes you desire that fall right in line with a spiritually conscious way of living in this great blog, “A Revolution in Resolutions: 6 Steps to Calling Your Deepest Desires Into Your Life” by Marylee Fairbanks. Good stuff!! ^_^

chart 1 jan 2014

What Does A Successful Spell Look Like?

What Does A Successful Spell Look Like?

A blog post by Gina Leslie  

Whether it’s called intentioning, manifesting, or casting a spell, we focus the energies of our desire to accomplish a specific goal. But do you know what actually achieving that desire will look like? Do you know if your spell worked? Are you so focused on it manifesting in a specific way that you fail to see other opportunities to the same goal, thereby sabotaging your own efforts?
A Parable and a Caution (Be Careful What You Wish For)…
A few years ago I was stuck in a dead end job where I was constantly told I wasn’t good enough. I answered help wanted ads and sent out resumes for years, to no avail. I finally decided to do some spell work to change my situation.
First I did work to change my mindset. That actually worked and for a while, although I still wasn’t happy at work, I wasn’t miserable either. I was in that state of I can’t fix or change it so I just have to learn to live with it (while still trying to find a better job).
When things at work got unbearable again I did a “job spell”. I asked for a better job. I asked for a job where I would be happier, more appreciated, and more fairly compensated. I didn’t ask for a specific job or a specific kind of job because I am qualified to do many things in addition to what I was currently doing and was willing to do something else if it would get me “something better”.
It took a while for me to realize that this spell worked also. There were some personnel changes in my office that redirected the interpersonal dynamics. So, for a while I WAS happier and although I was not appreciated in my office, there were others outside my office (and higher up the food chain) who were asking me to do more work for them and THEY were appreciative of my efforts on their behalf.  The spell worked, but not in the way I was expecting.
I did two more job related spells after I got demoted a year later. I was told I wasn’t qualified to do what I was doing after 8 years of doing it and I had to take the demotion or quit (I’m pretty sure they were hoping I’d quit). The job that I was to fill became vacant because someone else got a promotion. I did a binding spell so that my boss couldn’t hurt me any more.  It brought an uneasy truce.
Then I did a more specific job spell. I said I want a better job. I wanted a job AWAY from the company I was currently working for. I wanted a job where I was actually a member of the team and not just lip service that I was. I wanted to escape the entry-level job I had been saddle with. I wanted a raise.
Lo and behold, several months after doing that spell I was offered a transfer. I was sent to another department where a job was created for me that did not exist before. It was an office where my skills were needed because the department was being underserved by other departments who did not see their needs as a priority. This other department is about half a mile away from the office in which I was working.
See where I’m going with this? My spells were working. I don’t know why the universe has conspired to keep me within the same company, but I’m willing to go along with it for the time being. This is obviously the path I have to take to get where I’m going. This time I recognized right away that this was the result of my most recent job spell. I had to laugh at the irony.  I have almost everything I asked for (it is AWAY from where I was before) and going to work is much more enjoyable.
You never know HOW your spells will manifest. Can’t find an out of print book you REALLY want? Maybe you need to pay attention to that friend who keeps asking you to go with them to the swap meet. Want to travel somewhere but can’t afford it? Maybe that contest you saw to win a trip to somewhere is the way to get there. Love your job but having trouble with your boss? Try manifesting the perfect job FOR YOUR BOSS – an offer he/she can’t refuse – so that (hopefully) his/her replacement will be someone better suited to you (I tried that one too – maybe HIS perfect job is one where I’m not his employee anymore).
If you open your perception to the myriad ways your spells can manifest you may find that you actually ARE getting what you asked for.

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