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Tarot Tuesday ~ The Lovers Tarot by Tracey

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Lovers Tarot by Tracey "Oh, show me the LOVERS card please when I come in for my read!" Does he love me? In almost any question pertaining to love it's almost a requirement to get the "Lovers" card. Especially if you have included in the spread other ... Read More >

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby a blog post by Tracey

  Psychics are sexy. It is the one population that goes unnoticed in its realm of sexiness. That could be because most can not say that they know a psychic but we're out there and we as a core group of people that understand from a fundamental place the role that sex plays ... Read More >

The Psychic Eye by Tracey Brown

The Psychic Eye is a concept used in many cultures. It is more commonly called the Third eye.  Most cultures believe in this "Third Eye". In my culture, we call it the "Six Sense" but it does not matter what it is called it boils down to this one thing: It is the "Eye of Insight" ... Read More >

Introducing Tracey Brown

Tracey Brown has been reading for over twenty years.  She began her studies in her hometown of Staten Island, New York.  Tracey has Jesus as her Ascending Master and is an "Angelic Advisor"--she receives Divine messages from the Heavens above.  She has extensive working knowledge ... Read More >

Venus Retrograde by Tracey Brown

Venus Retrograde by Tracey Brown Have you noticed that your relationships have been in a funk lately. Maybe it's been like this for a couple of months now and there just does not seem to be any end insight. Well, your relationship is in the hands of another woman and her name ... Read More >

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