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Magical Musing from The Green Man community

Collect Eyes, Converse with Memory

+Flip through the photo gallery. The captions tell a story.   Spiritwork Lesson + Collect Eyes, Converse with Memory Memories are not carved in stone. Physically, memories are held in living, breathing cells. Consider a memory, not as access to a static ... Read More >

Tarot Forecast July 5 – 11 blog by Hovik

This week is very promising. Last week, we fought and battled to make our way across the opposition and reached the new kingdom. It seems our efforts are rewarded this week! The overall message of the cards this week is about enjoying the fruits of your labor and really playing ... Read More >

Tarot Forecast June 28th-July 5th a blog by Hovik

This week is going to be a tough one for sure! The initial impression I got off the cards before I did the reading and pulled cards was a sense of stir up and shake up within the professional world. Take stock of everything you have accomplished thus far and make sure it is worth ... Read More >

Tarot forecast for June 21-28: a blog by Hovik

This week brings some very interesting energy. With all this heat in the air making everyone sluggish and tired, it seems that this week we will be shifting out of it. Fire is both creative and destructive so it is about riding the heat of the winds and not letting it burn you. ... Read More >

Exploring Crystal Energies and Messages

Exploring Crystal Energies and Messages Exploring the Energies and Messages of Crystals: a workshop with Jill    Saturday, June 18, 2016  12 noon – 2:00   $23; $3 discount for cash Let’s play!  We’ll be experiencing the energies of several crystals, and we’ll get into ... Read More >

Our Story

The world over, we can find The Green Man gazing down upon us from cathedral walls and ceilings, an architectural motif. Very often open-mouthed, he waits to see: who hears his silent call echoing through the church choirs? Who looks to find this ancient pagan nature god cleverly ... Read More >

What is a Mojo Bag, Wish Bag, or Lucky Hand?

What is a Mojo Bag, Wish Bag, or Lucky Hand? This kind of Magic falls into a category known as Synergistic Magic which works upon the basic concept that there is a direct relationship between the spirit of a thing, its identity, its nature, and qualities and the effect that ... Read More >

What is a Spell Candle: Lighting the Spirit

One of the oldest, most direct, and simplest of spell workings would be a Spell Candle.  The idea is that the spirit of a candle, when lit, delivers via its flame an assembled collage of other spiritual qualities that you have impregnated the candle with when dressing ... Read More >

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Judgment Tarot by Jason

Tarot Tuesday ~ The Judgment Tarot by Jason "I’m ready to advance to the next level." The Judgment card represents a move from the old to the new. We are in the process of being raised to new levels, based on our past performances. It is a card of listening to the direction ... Read More >

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