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by TheGreenManStore on January 3, 2013

Vision Quest Torches of Hecate

Torches of Hecate
Dark Phase Super Moon Friday 8th of April, 2016

And once again, we embark upon a new Vision Quest. This months working coincides with a Dark Super Moon! Looking to the tides of the year and pulling relevant cards in search of clearer direction, what came through was a type of crossroads working per excellence!

There is a strong synergistic tie between the dark of the Moon and the Crossroads of Fate. Add to that, a super moon and the full force of the Moons Spirit quality becomes quite inescapable! So where do we stand with the tides as we may be experiencing them right now?

Plucking the web I get the sense that for many of us, in one form or another, the world about us feels full of frustration, anxiety and division. Like some aspect of our life is about to emerge full force into a new arena where things will be very different. The unknown is always unsettling. But with the wheel marching forward towards Beltene, we feel the full power of the Draconian Forces of creation perched ready to be released into the new territories our lives are embarking upon. And we know all too well how fast things can take an unexpected turn. As with all energy, when the forces of this year is truly released, it will race down the path of least resistance, taking out any opposition that is not prepared to hold it’s place.

A year of major change is upon us, and has been working us in preparation for some time. We are experiencing the spirit of anticipation and for many this brings up deep feelings. Some have tried to navigate the tides by their awareness of all the potential futures that await down the many roads that lead from the crossroads of choice. But doing this has created its own problems, by tethering oneself to the constant shifting tides, we bring about an even greater sense of insecurity and doubt.

Working the Crossroads of Fate is a subtle and complex arte, which we shall engage in this Quest. We shall seek the illuminating Flame of Hecate’s Torch. And perhaps Hecate herself will join us and aid us in making some decisive choices for the year ahead!

These have become some of the most popular and productive workings we have on a monthly basis at the store. Vision Quests are not only used to help awaken the Sight and Gifts in the Seeker, they offer a number of opportunities to connect with and receive gnostic insight into your path and practices in your Magic and practical life.

These can be powerful workings, so we recommend that you please be prepared to stay and engage in the after-Quest discussion while you ground and perhaps receive clarity on any insights you may have received.
Please bring a salty snack to share for after the Vision Quest.

Cost is $23.00 $3.00 discount for cash

These Vision Quests are powerful workings that have become very popular. Reservations are strongly suggested. These are not path workings; they are spirit encounters that can leave folks in need of grounding. So please bring a salty snack to share for the discussion period after the work.

Familiar Bones and Fetishes welcome.
This is a popular event with limited space. Please contact store directly at 818-985-2010 to RSVP and guarantee/verify space available prior to coming to the event. Doors will be locked and people turned away when capacity is reached.
Future events:
Friday April 8th, 2016
The Green Man
5712 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood CA 91601
Special Parking instructions because of city construction:
North of the 101/134 Fwys
East of the 170, off at Burbank
Just north of the Red Line/Orange Line North Hollywood stations
(approx 5 min walk north from station)
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