Star Crossed Lovers Astrology workshop

Star Crossed Lovers Astrology workshop w/Scarlet

Sat, Feb 9th 2-4pm $20 cash fee

“Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs…. “ – Shakespeare

 Ah, sweet l’amour….  That intoxication that tickles your nose and makes you all giddy and tingly (could’ve been the champagne but go with it.)

Yet, whether it’s storge, philia, eros, or agape, love continues to power our wildest desires and inspire our every enlightened, compassionate act.  We write and sing about it, philosophize about it, hunt for it, pine for it, and since the beginning of time, still continue to puzzle over its elusive mystery that can so completely consume us.

Please join me, Scarlet Korvina, this February 9th for an explorative discussion about Venus, Mars, Eros and other key areas of the natal chart to help reveal and demystify some of the energies that compel us to love the way we do. Participants will take away insights illuminating:

  • Your style of loving
  • What you need to feel loved
  • What type of partner compliments you best
  • Helpful early tips to reveal what your dynamic with a partner is really about (long term, lusty fun, or another life lesson and what kind?!)
  • Your inexplicable attraction to a certain ‘type’ of person or enjoyment
  • What turns you on sexually and how you express your sexual drive (like we’re not gonna touch that!)
  • Your heart’s truest desires as spoken in the language of the soul that await to further guide you on your path

We’ll enjoy an afternoon spent peering deeply into the mysteries of the heart in an effort to better help us decode her messages and stay connected for greater fulfillment in every sphere of life, romantic and otherwise.

Given the good times we’ve had in past workshops, I can only imagine the fun we might get into with this one! I’m extremely excited to do this workshop and I look forward to seeing you there!!

*Special Note: As this workshop will be dedicated to Venus, a closely adored patron, there will be a small altar to her available to anyone who would like to bring a tribute in honor of her or as an offering to assist in personal desires.*

“Additional Note: if you would like to participate in the personal review of the placement of your love planets, your birth information including the date, city and state, and time (as exact to the minute as possible) will need to be provide to the Green Man upon signing up for the class.”

 “The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of!” – Blaise Pascal
The Green Man
5712 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood CA 91601
North of the 101/134 Fwys East of the 170,off at Burbank
Just north of the Red Line/Orange Line North Hollywood stations
(approx 5 min walk north from station)
(818) 985-2010

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