Reclaiming LA’s Elements of Magic :6 Week Class

by TheGreenManStore on November 14, 2012

Reclaiming LA’s Elements of Magic :6 Week Class

w/ Reclaiming Teachers: Laurie Lovekraft & Laura Wyrd w/ Ana Maria Bahiana

Thursday Nights
January 17, 24, 31
February 7, 21, 28
7:30 – 10:00 pm
The Green Man Store
5712 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
$250 – $120 (sliding scale)
Taught by
Laura Wyrd & Laurie Lovekraft
with AnaMaria Bahiana

Come learn the art (and science) of magic! In this class taught in the Reclaiming Tradition, we begin the practice of Magic, Witchcraft, and Goddess spirituality by working with the Elements of Magic: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Learn how to deepen your vision and focus your Will – empowering yourself to act in the world!

Each evening is structured as a participatory ritual including practical tips and magical tools. You will learn ritual technologies used in Reclaiming to create sacred space, honor divinity, and wield magical tools, such as the sword, the wand, the cone of power, the chalice, the pentacle, the cauldron, and our own bodies and breath.

We’ll explore and learn techniques including dance, drumming, chanting, trance, visualization, wish birds, sensing & projecting energy, working boundaries and Will, spellcraft, and creating and structuring rituals. Elements of Magic allows us to explore these skills in a supportive group setting.

This class is a great way to connect with other people exploring Reclaiming Tradition magic and witchcraft. Group experience follows feminist consensus process. We aim to provide a fair and nurturing environment for all participants.

Prerequisite: Please read the first six chapters of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk. We kindly ask that students commit to attending all six classes.
Elements of Magic is a prerequisite for all other Reclaiming classes and Reclaiming LA’s Ritual Planning Cell.


Teacher bios

Laura Wyrd

Laura first began her spiritual work in 1986 at the Berkeley Psychic Institute studying meditation, energy work, and psychic healing. A year later she became involved with the Reclaiming Collective of San Francisco: taking magic classes, attending WitchCamps, dancing in the Spiral Dance, and radically transforming herself. Laura has taught at more than 17 Reclaiming WitchCamps since 1993, including those in Texas, Missouri, Michigan, California, Vermont, and Vancouver, BC.

Laura has taught and led workshops in dance, ritual, magic, and drumming at the Omega Institute in New York, as well as other locations around the U.S. She has recorded two drumming tapes and performed in numerous Goddess-themed theater pieces. In 1994 Laura moved to Los Angeles to teach yoga and was also one of the original founding members of Reweaving. Since 2004 she has been deeply immersed in the study and practice of Brazilian Spiritual Traditions and is initiated in the Umbanda tradition. Laura is currently working with a beautiful group of people to birth and create ReclaimingLA. She loves to hang from the trees and feels most at home dancing with the faeries in the woods…

Laurie Lovekraft

Laurie is a 20-year magical practitioner who has studied Wicca, Feri Tradition, Thelema, Herbalism, Chaos Magick, and Tibetan Buddhism. Laurie has taught and performed at the Starwood Festival, PantheaCon, Ancient Ways, Burning Man, and the Harmony Festival’s Techno Tribal Dance, among others. She studied North Indian Classical voice and has performed with Sharon Knight, Wynne Paris and Robin Silver. Laurie’s writings have appeared in Green Egg, Widdershins, and PanGaia Magazine as well as Bitch Goddess: The Spiritual Path of the Dominant Woman (Greenery Press). She also appeared in the book, Modern Pagans, by RE/Search Publications.

Laurie began attending Reclaiming Collective rituals in 1992 and attended WitchCamp in 1995. A graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute’s Women’s Clairvoyant Training program, she has also circled with the Church of All Worlds, co-led rituals at Ocean Song Farm & Wilderness Center, and was a founding member of the Crescent Hellions, a Northern CA coven that produced large group rituals. A long-time environmentalist, Laurie was an anti-nukes protestor in the ’80s, worked to save Headwaters Forest and the South Central Farm, and continues to support environmental and social justice causes.

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