Making Infused Oils and Salves Herbal Workshop with Julie James

Making Infused Oils and Salves Herbal workshop with Julie James

Sat Jul 28, 3-5pm $20 cash fee

Making infused oils (and from them, salves, creams and lotions) is one of my latest addictions. Infusing the healing properties of herbs into oils, for application externally or, in some cases, for internal use, allows for direct contact of the constituents on the skin.

Further, as we’ve discussed in most classes, there are certain compounds that have a powerful affinity to oil, and extract best in that medium. We’ll discuss when, how, and why you’d make an infused oil over another form of medicine.

Infused oils are highly beneficial for healing skin disorders, but also for keeping healthy skin healthy and supple. They are used for massage, for hair health, for moisturization, for protection, and for pleasure. But when approached incorrectly, you can make a smelly, unpleasant mess, an ineffective finished product, or an overheated, damaged, disappointing oil that will do more damage than good.

There are methods both ancient and modern for ensuring proper extraction of medicinal components into oils, and once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are almost endless. Oh, anointing yourself (or a loved one) with a deeply healing, aromatic, infused oil of your own making is just magical.

I have made an assortment of oils and salves for you to sample and take home, and we will go over the process, start to finish, in the class. Come have oily aromatic fun with us!

In August, we’ll have a follow-up class on how to transform infused oils into creams and lotions, a bit of alchemy that never fails to amaze and delight me.


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