Spirit Working with Orion Foxwood

Spirit Working with Orion Foxwood
Friday, April 27th, 8pm
$30 cash fee

My Life with a Spirit Wife: Orion Foxwood shares intimate information
and revelations from his life with his Faery Companion named Brigh

In the Faery Seership tradition, the most advanced and rare stage of
developing a partnership with the Fay people is a symbiotic
relationship called “the Faery or Elfame Marriage.” This practice is a
Western European variant on an ancient shamanic practice that involves
a marriage of a human to a non-human spirit-being. It is a highly
transformational and visionary level of spirit work rarely engaged by
modern spirit workers. This is the first public workshop that Orion
has given where he shares intimate details of this process, the
resulting visionary work, and the magical system that grew out of it.
It is a rare opportunity to discuss such material. As a part of the
workshop he will also the levels of spirit contact and encourage a
sharing between participants about their spirit encounters, and he and
Brigh will offer powerful guidance on developing those relationships.
He will also discuss Brigh’s guidance on the necessity of Faery work,
Human/Other Co-Creation, and partnership with the “architects of

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