Sabbat Series with Griffin

Sabbat Series: British Traditional Witchcraft Perspective on the Wheel of the Year.

Griffin ap Ced

Sat Jan 26th, 2013 1-3pm  “Imbolg/Imbolc” $23; $3 discount if paying cash.

Sat Mar 2nd, 2013 3-5pm “Ostara” $23; $3 discount if paying cash.

Sat Apr 20th, 2013 3-5pm “Beltene” $23; $3 discount if paying cash.

Sat Jun 8th, 2013 2-4pm “Midsummer” $23; $3 discount if paying cash.

Sat Jul 6th Noon-2pm  “Lammas” $23; $3 discount if paying cash.

Sat Aug 31st, 2013 3-5pm “Mabon” $23; $3 discount if paying cash.

Sat Oct 19th, 2013 3-5pm “Samhain” $23; $3 discount if paying cash.

Sat Dec 7th, 2013 3-5pm “Yule” $23; $3 discount if paying cash.

Saturday day 3pm is my Yule class, where we get to explore the mysteries and practices associated with the next upcoming sabbat of… Yule!
This Saturday we will be a real pop the bonnet and see what lays under the workings and lore of old time Yule, from a practicing British Trad Craft perspective. As Yule is the Solar fulcrum of Midwinter and the beginning of another Wheel, in addition to ALL the Yule based material we will cover, we will also be looking into the mechanics of the wheel as a whole.
This particular Sabbat is one of the richest in practice and Lore. It holds some of the most poignant foundational lore which has existed in various forms throughout time, changed and yet fundamentally impervious to culture and religion!
Join me for some real Craft fun and games and become more prepared to experience the coming season!

Lifting the Curtain on All Hallows, aka Samhain…

This Sat, Oct 19th at 3pm
Come join me for a candid presentation of Traditional Craft practices and background lore associated with the Old Hallows Eve, often called Samhain.
This is the time for the Wild Hunt, the veil is thin and the threshold into the Mound stands open wide. The Fae, Spirits and Shades call out upon the winds of this hallowed season.

What does this mean to the Initiate Witches and those practicing the Priesthood mysteries? The ancestral bale fires and workings call to us, but what are those workings and how do we respond to the call? This is a rich legacy of lore and praxis we as witches hold at this time of year but far from simple and apparent as we may think. Are you ready to journey into the Mound with me in search of the deeper black waters of the soul? Ready to look the Leader of the Wild Hunt square in the eye?

Come and participate in the big Sabbat Class of the year. A presentation and open discussion delivered in all seriousness and yes… Sacred…
Yet, with an extra big dollop of irreverence and seasonal bloody Fun !

These past years I have been presenting a number of classes on various British Trad Craft subjects. Collectively called “Lifting the Curtain”, these classes have endeavored to open up and present the what, how and why of many fundamental aspects of British Trad Craft. I have tried to present a fresh perspective and a hands on approach to the Old Craft while hopefully shedding some light into what lies beneath much of the material.

As those who have attended my popular class, “Stations of the Sun” know, the annual cycle of Sabbat Festivals holds many keys to our spiritual well being and potential evolution. The Sabbat Wheel forms a foundational Legacy of Keys upon which we may base our Spiritual and Magical practices. However, one must fully explore and grasp each individual Sabbat in order to claim the riches within.

To align ourselves with the Sabbat cycle is to align ourselves with Divine Nature, the Cosmos and Tides of Creation both within us and about us. A large Ancestral Legacy is woven within the lore and practices associated with the festival stations of the Sun together with the Suns interplay with the Earth, Moon and other heavenly bodies. This series offers seekers of all levels a deeper, insightful exploration of that material. Exploring each Sabbat so we may grasp the divine connection we each carry in a powerful, personal and practical manner.

The series was so popular over 2012, that it will return in 2013, with each turn of the Wheel, we shall explore the Legacy that accompanies each Sabbat, the what, why and how within each station, one Sabbat Station at a time…

Come join us, explore what underlying forces are expressed within the Mysteries, Lore and Practices associated with the upcoming Sabbat and how to use those mysteries to further your own spiritual evolution.”

While there is a lot to be gained from doing each of these classes in succession, it is not required that you do so. Each class will hold its own and have plenty to offer, whether experienced as part of a series or as a single class.

The Green Man
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(818) 985-2010

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