Creating Herbal Elixirs w/Julie James

by TheGreenManStore on November 14, 2011

Creating Herbal Elixirs

Sunday Dec 4, 2011


Herbal elixirs are magical, wonderful concoctions made with an herbal blend, alcohol (brandy is my preferred liquor) (for elixir-making, that is), and honey, agave, maple syrup or a similar sweetener.

The resulting elixir is 1) very effective medicine, as all of the menstruum ingredients work together for extraction of the active constituents, 2) shelf stable, as the alcohol and sugar are fine preservatives, and 3) delicious!!

There’s a synergy, too, that comes from extraction of a blend of herbs, rather than extraction of a single herb (as in a tincture). Making elixirs speaks to the artist in us, rather than the chemist, as there’s an almost limitless combination of herbs you can blend for sleep, heart, digestion, sexuality, immunity, respiration, protection, or just for the sheer joyous tastiness of them. I’m on an elixir-making binge, and need to share it with you all.

So come learn this oh-so-fun method of herbal medicine making, and I promise you that, unlike the tincture class, there will be NO algebra involved.

Please be advised that these formulas are alcohol based–if you are sensitive, or choose not to ingest alcohol, you’ll want to wait for another class.

Class fee is $20.


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