Ancestral and Graveyard Working class with Orion Foxwood

by TheGreenManStore on October 5, 2011

Ancestral and Graveyard Work in Southern Conjure Practices with Orion Foxwood

Tue October 25th, 8pm
$30 cash fee


Working with “the spirits of the dead” is a core practice in the magical traditions of the American South.  Whether the focus is ancestral reverence, gathering goofa-dust (grave dirt), working with powerful ancestral spirits passed through tradition or doing magical work in the graveyards, working with the dead as our “closest spiritual next of kin” is a revered, coveted, and potent  part of Conjure. In this workshop Orion will discuss the basic philosophies and practices underlining this work and share techniques on gathering goofa-dirt, entering/ exiting the spiritual dimensions of the graveyard, encountering Daddy Death, building a “soul-pot” and working with the center-post of a graveyard.

For more information about Orion, click here.


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