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Descended from Native Hawaiian Kahuna (priests/shaman) and having studied under various Spiritual Healers and Practitioners, Kapualani has been providing Intuitive Guidance to her family and friends since childhood (before even realizing that she was “gifted”!). She is experienced in Tarot, channeling, spiritual counseling, dream intuiting/interpreting, energy/healing work (with humans and animals!), pet psychic work, meditation (providing guided meditations), astral projection, and more. She receives Guided messages/information in a variety of ways including: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance and mediumship.  In addition she works with Spirit/Source and her Crew of Guides including Archangels, Ascended Masters, Light Beings and many other Divine spirits and energies.

She is compassionate and loving in her approach, and her abilities as a Healer often intertwine with her readings.  Kapualani’s work as a Healer/Vortex Energy Worker is unlike any other technique. She is able to intuit energetic patterns and blockages extending from past lives, ancestral lineage, etc., and utilizes vortex energies to assist in clearing and releasing such energy blockages and patterns. Depending on the length of your session, Kapualani also combines spiritual coaching and provides clients with “tools” to utilize during their own daily meditations to keep the session’s momentum going.

*Activate the Lightbody
*Spiritual/Transformational Coaching (see ** below)
*Link the Mind-Body-Soul connection in Harmony & Oneness
*DNA/Cellular Memory Activations, Repairs, Healing
*Holographic Sound Healing via Vocal Toning & Crystal Bowl Playing
*Clear/Align/Balance the Chakras
*Past Lives & the Akashic Records
*Connect with Ancient Lineage/Ancestors (clear karma, receive messages/wisdom/strength, etc)
*Assist clients in connecting with their Guides/Guardians/etc
*Remove/Release blockages, density, disharmony, discordant energies, etc
*Extractions (release what no longer Serves your Highest Good–be it interference energies, entities, shadow ego, patterns, thoughts/ways of being, etc)
*Shift/Streamline/Strengthen the Qi (Life Force)
*Download/Activate clients’ individual nanotechnologies to assist in their own evolutionary processes (in other words, activating/accessing gifts clients may have earned in past lives, etc that they may now be ready to utilize)
**Teach clients how to connect with their own Lightbodies (as well as how to nurture/nourish the Lightbody–bring more light into the body) & how to shield/protect themselves (as well as their homes, environment, etc)
**Coach clients on how to shift their own patterns/ways of being
**Assist clients in connecting with the Higher Self & their own Intuition/Psychic awareness
**Teach clients how to manifest & co-create their visions/goals

Kapua gets to the heart of the matter, working situations from the inside out so that clients get a deeper perspective on the topic at hand. Her commitment to Self-Awareness & Living Life on a Spiritual Path assures the utmost in ethics, honesty, integrity and above all else, information for her client’s highest good.

For more about Kapua; please see her blog, Guided by Spirit.

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