Aromatherapy with Griffin and Julie

Aromatherapy: Magical, Psychological and Physical Uses
with Julie James and Griffin ap Ced

Aug 28th, 2-4pm $20.00 cash fee

Because you all love it when Griffin and Julie teach together….

This class will explore the myriad ways of using essential oils: magical purposes (that’d be Griffin’s portion of the class), and physiological and psychological effects (that’s Julie). And the overlap–ahhh, that’s where the fun lies.

We’ll discuss chemistry, alchemy, and everything in between as we look at how, why and when to use these very powerful plant extracts.

Come prepared to have your mind expanded–particularly if you haven’t had the opportunity to hear Griffin speak. He’s utterly brilliant, uproariously funny, and has insight and deep knowledge that allow him to speak on levels far beyond any you’ve heard before. An extensive knowledge of herbs and their uses is just the beginning of what Julie brings to her workshops which teach amazing ways to incorporate herbal wisdom into your everyday life.

Griffin and Julie both hold a deep, powerful love for plants and the spirits that embody them, and also have a tendency to go “Off The Path” in search of bright shiny things–but those explorations off the path are where we all gain levels of comprehension far greater than expected.

And the fun part (well, ONE of the many fun parts) is that The Green Man has an astounding array of exceptionally high quality essential oils at hand in the apothecary. So we’ll be passing around the oils as we discuss them, so that you have the olfactory experience of the oil to match with the other layers of understanding.

Oh, it’s going to be a fantastic class!! Our jointly led classes are usually packed full, so get there early for a good seat, and PLEASE RSVP to

The Green Man
5712 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood CA 91601

North of the 101/134 Fwys
East of the 170, off at Burbank
Just north of the Red Line/Orange Line North Hollywood stations
(approx 5 min walk north from station)

(818) 985-2010
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