Setting Lights with Orion Foxwood

Setting Lights and Other Fire Conjure with Orion Foxwood
Tue Aug 16th 8:00 pm (please try to arrive early, doors will be locked at 8pm)
$30 cash fee
The use of fire as a way to draw and use spirit power is a core practice in Southern Conjure and Root Doctoring work. To the worker, fire is the one element most like spirit in the physical world. It is both a gateway for spirit and a food for the spirits to harness and direct power. In this workshop Orion will present lore and techniques for loading, dressing, butting, and pulling power through the use of candles and oil lamps known as "setting lights". He will also discuss the use of balefires, bone-fires, boonfires and hearth-fires in old-style and traditional witchcraft.

Orion Foxwood was born with “the veil” (an Appalachian term for second sight), into the rural Shenandoah River Valley in 1963, where his world was rife with folklore, ghost stories, superstition and magical customs!  His father was part Lakota Native and his mother was born in the slave quarters of a Virginia plantation called “The Hollingsworth Place”, where she was midwifed and spiritually fostered by a freed slave affectionately known as Miss Granny – it was this distinctive combination of elements that formed the foundations of Orion’s unique spirituality and magical practices.  Orion is a Conjurer in Southern Root Doctoring Practices, a Traditional Witch, an Alexandrian Wicca High Priest, an Elder and Mantle Carrier for an Old Religionist Craft Line, and a Faery Seer.  He is a founding elder of the Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion, co-founder of the House of Brigh, and co-organizer for the Folk Magic Festival in New Orleans.  For more than twenty years, Orion has lectured extensively on magical practice and spiritual development throughout the United States and abroad.  He is the author of The Faery Teachings and The Tree of Enchantment.  Orion also holds a masters degree in Human Services.

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