Devil’s Picture Book Series, Tarot Intensive

This is an overview of the series, feel free to attend any and or all…if you have missed some classes, don’t hesitate to join in where you can.

‘An exploration into the cosmos of the Devils Picture Book’. An in depth expedition into the Tarot as well as the Ced Stream and Tradition as it aligns with the Tarot. This series covers a fresh perspective to traditional Tarot concepts and lore as well as getting into the associated Lore and Practices of Traditional Craft.

Series overview

Mar 6 / Lesson 1. Intro into the Tarot structure and History.  Cosmology  themes and Mysteries.  Application of Tarot Stream to Esoteric Legacy.

Overview the Ced Tarot system.

Apr 16 / Lesson 2.


Fool/  Fate/  Judgement

Emperor/ Temperance.

10 Blades, Cups, Staves, Coins.

4 Blades, Cups, Staves, Coins.    <13 cards>

May 7/ Lesson 3.


Juggler/  Fortitude/  World

<HPS> Holy Mother/  <Hanged Man> Traitor.

Ace Blades, Cups, Staves, Coins.

2 Blades, Cups, Staves, Coins.  <13 cards>

June 4/ Lesson 4.


<Empress>Imperatrix /  Death

<Hierophant> Holy Father/  Devil.

3. Blades, Cups, Staves, Coins.

5. Blades, Cups, Staves, Coins.  <12 cards >

July 23/ Lesson 5.


Justice/  Moon.

<Hermit> Old Man /  Sun

8. Blades, Cups, Staves, Coins.

9. Blades, Cups, Staves, Coins.  <12 cards >

Aug 27/ Lesson 6.

X Quarter Axial Cards.

Love/  Tower

Chariot/  Star

6. Blades, Cups, Staves, Coins.

7. Blades, Cups, Staves, Coins.    <12 cards >

Sep 24/ Lesson 7.

Court Cards <Lunar>

K, Q, J, M…  Blades, Cups, Staves, Coins.   <16 cards >

Oct 15/Lesson 8.

3. Ced Cards

Hearthstone/ 0. Fount/  Rose.   <3 cards>

Plus review of 5 Rose Cards with  < Fool/ World>  Alpha Omega,   And…

Combinations and arrangements overview.

Nov 26/Lesson 9 Roundup

For those who have attended previous classes, this will help tie things together.

Series review. Etc…


As with most of Griffin’s classes, this is not an introduction/101 type class. Serious students of the craft with an interest in developing a deeper understanding of crafting for personal development are highly encouraged to attend. Although all with a desire to learn a more diverse and interesting perspective are welcome.

Class fee $20 cash (each class session)

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